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University of Nairobi

Bachelors Degree Program 4 YEARS

Course Details

Course Overview

The first two years of study in this programme at the University of Nairobi are designed to give the students a broad but well detailed coverage of biology including introductory courses in Microbiology. During this time the students will also take foundation courses in chemistry and biochemistry. This will enable them to gain a better understanding of how microorganisms function and to appreciate the diversity of their roles in nature during the later part of the course.

In the last two years of study, the Microbiology/Biotechnology Programme will endeavor to expose the students to the immense biotechnological potential that microorganisms have

and how it is exploited for economic benefit in the modern age. Students who have successfully gone through the programme should be able to find employment opportunities in food and pharmaceutical industries; medical; agricultural and other research institutions; quality control and even diagnostic laboratories among others.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Entry requirements to the University of Nairobi for a bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology

1.      A minimum grade C+ in Biology/Biological Sciences and C (plain) in Chemistry in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent.

2.      KACE with 2 principals in Biology/Biological Sciences and Chemistry.

3.      Ordinary or Higher National Diploma in Biology/Biological Sciences or its equivalent.

Course Program

First Year Units

Survey of the Plant Kingdom

Introductory Biochemistry & Genetics

Introductory Microbiology

Invertebrate Zoology

Vertebrate Zoology

Fundamentals of Ecology

Mathematics for Biologists

Inorganic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry I

Communication Skills

Law in Society

Elements of Economics

Second Year

Gymnosperm & Angiosperm Taxonomy

Principles of Bacteriology

Plant Ecology

Plant Structure & Function

Cell Biology


Basic Immunology

Animal Ecology and Behaviour


Laboratory Techniques

Proteins and Enzymes

Basic Metabolism

Third Year

General Mycology

General Genetics

 Microbial Metabolism

Food Microbiology

Laboratory Methods in Microbiology

Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenicity


Applied Immunology

Molecular Biology I


Introduction to parasitology

Environmental Health and Ecotoxicology

Fourth Year

Microbial Ecology

Applied Mycology

Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology

Research Project

Molecular Biology II

Micro-organisms as Bio.

Control Agents 1

Environmental Microbiology

Marine Microbiology

Medical Protozoology

Vector Biology

Medical Helminthology

Conservation in International

Trade and Development

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