Bachelor Of Science In Food Science Nutrition And Technology, Bachelors Degree Program.

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Course Type: Bachelors Degree

Duration: 4 YEARS

Study Method: Fulltime

Fee: Kshs on application

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Course Details:

Course Entry Requirements:

1. Holders of KCSE with mean grade of C+ with passes at C+ or above in Biology or Biological Sciences, Physics and Chemistry or Physicals Sciences and Mathematics.
2. Holders of KACE or equivalent with minimum 2 Principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and at least a subsidiary pass in Mathematics or Physics.
3. Holders of Diploma or equivalent in relevant sciences from a recognized institution with passes at credit or distinction.
4. Holders of any relevant degree other than Food Science and Technology or Nutritional Sciences.

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Course Objective

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Course Programme

Course units
First Year
Agric. Zoology
Animal Physiology
Plant/Crop Physiology
General Microbiology
Communication skills
Workshop Techniques
Fundamentals of Dev. And its Applications
Veterinary Anatomy
Second Year
Principles of Genetics
Statistics I: Intro. to Statistics
Principles of Crop Prod.
Principles of Resource use & Mgt
Food Chemistry
Human Nutrition & Dev.
Biochemistry II
Food Microbiology
Measurement & Control Eng.
Food Enzymology
Analytical Instrumentation
Food Engineering Principles
Principles of Animal Nutrition
Third Year
Statistics II: Analysis and Experimental Design
Economic Entomology
Food Preservation and Nutritional Quality
Food Quality Assurance
Food Marketing and Production Development
Industrial Sanitation and Waste Disposal
Food Engineering Systems
Food Fermentations and Biotechnology
Animal Feeds and Feeding
Techniques of food Analysis
Dairy Chemistry
Economics and Management of Food Processing
Industrial Practice for 8 weeks 4TH TERM EQ.
Fourth Year
Meat Science and Technology
Fats and oils
Milk and Dairy Products
Root Crops Technology
Fruits and Vegetables
Tea and Coffee
Sugar Technology
Fermented Beverages
Cereal Technology
Industrial Bookkeeping
Construction and Packaging Materials
Industrial Projects