BACHELORS OF LAW - University of Nairobi

Objectives of the Law †degree at the University of Nairobi 1.

 Bachelors Degree  4 YEARS  Fulltime Fee: on application
Public University Starehe - Constituency, Nairobi - County

BACHELORS OF LAW - objectives

Objectives of the Law  degree at the University of Nairobi

1.      To expose students to the multifaceted nature of the development process and arouse their intellectual and practical interest in the phenomena of nation building, fidelity to the law and its institutions and so develop responsibility for the national heritage.

2.      To introduce students to the social foundations and perspectives of the law.

3.      To inculcate in students sufficient technical skills for the extraction and communication of legal information to make their intellectual and professional lives exciting and fulfilling.

4.      To introduce students to the international legal order, its various manifestations and relationships with the municipal legal systems.

5.      To deepen studentsí appreciation of the theory and substance of the law and its application to contemporary problems.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for admission to the University of Nairobi

1.      A degree or degrees of a recognized university or universities in any field(s) other than law, or at least two principal passes at the Advanced Level (or an equivalent qualification as determined by Senate).

2.      A mean grade of C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) provided that those falling in category (c) must have obtained a minimum of B(plain) in English at the KCSE or an equivalent grade in another examination approved by Senate or

3.      A diploma or diplomas of an institution recognized by Senate provided such applicants must have obtained at least credit pass.

BACHELORS OF LAW - course content



Semester 1:

Legal Research and Writing

Torts I

Contracts I

Social Foundations of Law

Constitutional Law I

Criminal Law I

Semester 2:


Torts II

Contracts II

Legal Systems and Legal Methods

Constitutional Law II

Criminal Law II



Semester 1:

Criminology and Penology

Evidence I

Civil Procedure I

Administrative Law I

Property Theory

Sale of Goods and Agency

Semester 2:

Criminal Procedure

Evidence II

Civil Procedure II

Administrative Law II

Property Law

Legal Practice



Semester 1:Compulsory




Insurance Law

Law of Business Associations I

Family Law

Banking Law

Trial Practice

Accounting for Lawyers

Customary Law

Land Use Law

Contemporary Legal Problems

Semester 2: Compulsory:

Public International Law


Law of Trusts

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Islamic Law

Humanitarian Law

Securities Regulation

Law of Business Associations II

Bankruptcy and Commercial Securities

 Labour Law

Negotiable Instruments



Semester 1:

Research Paper I

Law Science and Technology

Conveyancing Law and Practice

Conflict of Laws

Tax Law

International Economic Law

Competition Law

Women in the Legal Process

Environmental Law

Public Interest Clinic I

Semester 2:

Research Paper II

Intellectual Property Law

International Trade Law

International Human Rights Law

Professional Ethics and Responsibility

Consumer Protection Law

Law of the Sea

Law of Succession

East African Community Law

Public Interest Clinic II

Energy Law