| BSc Analytical Chemistry with Management

BSc Analytical Chemistry with Management - Kenyatta University

This program provides unique training in cutting edge chemical analytical techniques and in managing chemical analysis laboratories.

 Bachelors Degree  4 years  Fulltime Fee: on application
Public University Ruiru - Constituency, Kiambu - County

This program provides unique training in cutting edge chemical analytical techniques and in managing chemical analysis laboratories. It allows students to select from a series of courses covering all aspects of modern chemical analysis, environmental analysis, and people management, and an opportunity to undertake a research project in the workplace.

Entry requirements

A student wishing to study Bachelor of Science(Analytical Chemistry and Management) at Kenyatta University must satisfy the minimum university requirements and the School of Pure and Applied Sciences Regulations.

  • The student must have passed with a mean grade of C+ (plus) in KCSE or its equivalent with at least B- in Chemistry, C+ in English, C+ in Mathematics and C+ in  either  Physics/Physical Sciences or Biology/Biological Sciences.


  • A mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE or its equivalent with at least a C+ in Mathematics,Chemistry C+ and a Diploma in analytical Chemistry of at least a Credit pass from a recognized institution.


  • Two principal passes at A Level or equivalent in Chemistry and Mathematics and a subsidiary pass in Physics or Biology.

BSc Analytical Chemistry with Management - course content

Mode of Study (e.g. Regular, IBP, ODeL, etc): Regular


Each course is one unit of 35 hours.  Examination mark consists of written exam (70%) and continuous assessment (30%). Continuous assessment tests include written tests practical reports and home assignments.  Practical report marks are mandatory in units with practical classes before a grade is awarded.

Certification:      Degree - B.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry with Management)

Unit Code and Title

Level 100

SCH 100: Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry SCH 101: Introduction to Physical Chemistry SCH 102: Organic Chemistry I


SCH 104: Introduction to Laboratory Procedures and Classical Analysis

SCH 106: Quality Assurance and Laboratory Management

SMA 102: Basic Mathematics

SMA 104: Calculus I

SMA 160: Probability and Statistics

BBA100: Business Studies

BBA 101: Business Law I

BBA 102: Principles of Management

BAC 100: Fundamentals of Accounting I SCT 100: Fundamentals of Computing UCU Unit

Level 200

SCH 200: Atomic Structure

SCH 201: Chemical Thermodynamics

SCH 202: Organic Chemistry II

SCH 203: Theory of Spectroscopy Methods

SCH 204: Separation Techniques

SCH 207: Introduction to Computational Chemistry

SMA 200: Calculus II

SMA 260: Probability and Statistics BBA 200: Organizational Behaviour BBA 201: Principles of Marketing BAC 202: Cost Accounting I

BAC 203: Business Finance I

SCT 101: Programming Techniques

UCU Unit

Level 300

SCH 300: Comparative Study of S & P Block Elements SCH 301: Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry SCH 304: Introduction to Analytical Instrumentation SCH 305: Chemical Kinetics

SCH 309: Introduction to Photochemistry

SCH 310: Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry

SCH 311: Organic Spectroscopy

SCH 315: Concepts in Biotechnology

SCH 320: Industrial/Institutional Attachment

SCH 321: Research Methods

BBA 300: Organizational Theory

BBA 301: Human Resource Management I BBA 303: Marketing Strategies and Plans BAC 300: Management of Accounting I UCU Unit

Level 400

SCH 400: Comparative Study of Transition Elements* SCH 401: Electrochemistry*

SCH 403: Phase Equilibria*




SCH 406: Surface and Colloid Chemistry* SCH 407: Environmental Chemistry*

SCH 409: Structural Chemistry

SCH 415: Computer Applications in Chemistry

SCH 416: Project

SCH 417: Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis*

SCH 418: Non-Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis* SCH 422: Polymer Chemistry

BBA 400: Business Policy and Decisions

BBA 401: Company Law

BBA402: Management of International Business and Organization

BMS 401: Production and Operations Management