History of Nyandarua High School

Immediately after independence, there was a great thirst of education and especially Secondary and University education.
Nyandarua High School was started with that requirement in mind. It opened its doors on 29th March 1965 with 71 students.
These students started learning in a house which belonged to a white settler just below Rurii Shopping Centre near the main road.

Nyandarua High School currently occupies a land of 54 acres.

Historical Milestones

Year Milestone
1967 A girl’s stream was started but because of lack of room they were taken to Karogo-ini.
I D A (International Development Agency) started a massive construction work, on this site where the school stands now.
1968 Form 1 and 2 girls went to Karogo-ini and Form 4 Boys moved to Nyahururu where there were adequate facilities to prepare the form fours for their final examinations.
1969All students converged to the new site with all the facilities available on a piece, approximately 50 acres.
1970One ‘A’ level science class was started.
1974A water borehole was sunk and K P & Co Ltd installed a single-phase electricity supply.
Previously the school used a generator for lighting.
1978One ‘A’ level arts class was started and an additional Science class was introduced in the school.
Nyandarua High School therefore grew to become triple streams from Form 1 to 6.
1984The P.T.A. bought a school Leyland Bus – KUV 128.
1989The school like all the others saw the phasing out of ‘A’ level classes and the first students of 8-4-4 sysem of education sat for their K.C.S.E. Examination.
1990NSOSA (Nyandarua School Old Students Associations) during school’s Silver Jubilee Celebration held on 31/3/1990 decided to improve on the existing facilities of the school by donating the ‘HEART’ for the school i.e. a library block to accommodate 60,000 volumes of Books and reading space for 130 students.
The association iniated the Harambe funds raising during the occasion with P.C. Central, Mr. Victor Musoga as Guest for a double storey structure. Construction works started on November 1990.
Parents have also contributed immensely towards this library whose architect is Mr. Julius Njinu an Old Boy of this school.
1991A second major Harambe towards NSOSA library was conducted with the Guest of Honour again being the P.C. Central, Mr. Victor Musoga.
Though not fully completed according to the architect’s plan, the library is now being used by students and teachers with the few books available.
1993A fourth stream was started.


General Development

The Nyandarua District Education Board has over the years sponsored various development projects in the school.
These projects include:

Main sponsor - District Education Board

Year Item
1991 -1995One-storeyed Library
1997Automatic Generator (27kva)
1997Water Treatment Plant
1997Lawn Mower
1998Energy saving jikos
2000Zero-grazing unit
2001Basketball Pitch
2002Bus KAN 110 U
2004Computer Lab
2009Bus KBG 920 C

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