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Private College

Alice Italian Food Institute


Alice Italian Food Institute is a Private College located in Embakasi East Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

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About Alice Italian Food Institute

Italian food is known all over the world for its special tastes and unique dishes, at Alice Italian Food Institute you will have the opportunity to learn the Mediterranean diet, Italian culture, language, traditional meals from all the beautiful Italian regions and you will have the possibility to explore the secrets and beauties of the Italian cuisine.

The Academy aims to address unemployment in Kenya by creating a future for young people. This will be achieved through equipping the youth with cooking skills in order for them to be competitive and earn a living for themselves.

Alice Italian Food Institute offers professional courses for kids, adult, amateur and young chefs that want to learn the art of Italian cuisine.

Thanks to the partnership with Carlo Porta Food and Beverage Institute, one of the most important Italian cooking schools in Italy, we created a complete curriculum. The quality and level of teaching and curricula will be carefully followed and monitored, thanks to a constant exchange of views about teaching and thanks to the presence on the field of Carlo Porta Institute’s teachers.

Why study at Alice Italian Food Institute

Alice Italian Food Institute is the first authoritative Italian Cuisine Academy in Nairobi, where everyone can be taught how to prepare Italian dishes by the best chefs from Italy. 

The Academy - that is, the courses offered by the Institute - is focused on adults, amateurs, food and beverage students and young chefs that want to learn the art of Italian cuisine.
With all the necessary equipment and technology, Alice Italian Food Institute is the ideal place to train tomorrow’s best chefs specialized in Italian Cuisine and hospitality.
The Academy trains you for employment and gives you all the needed tools and knowledge to be the best in the sector. 

The Academy is not only a place of study, practice and discipline, but also a reference point for Italian culture.

Alice Italian Food Institute offers a 4-month intense course in Italian Cuisine recognized by the Italian Embassy in Kenya.

The course consists of 16 - week classes:

  • The laboratory includes the preparation of fresh egg pasta, soup, risotto, sauces, pizza, bread, focaccia, second courses, and timballo, desserts, and pastry.
  • The theoretical classes include knowledge of equipment and tools, hygiene and safety at work, cooking and conservation methods, Mediterranean diet, wine and service, recipes, customer reception, and table service.

Alice Italian Food Institute offers you the opportunity to live close to school while attending the classes of the Academy. The campus was built in the same compound where the school is. Therefore, if you decide to live there, you will be able to attend classes avoiding commuting daily from home to the Institute.

Our facility is placed in a relaxing and serene environment in the suburbs of Nairobi. We can accommodate a maximum of 40 people
per time.

Programs offered at Alice Italian Food Institute


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Certificate ABE

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Alice Italian Food Institute - Historical journey

In Kenya, 46,1% of people live below the poverty line and child labour still affects 26% of children between 5 and 14 years old. 

In Nairobi, in particular, 60% of people live in 110 slums, which lack hygienic services, drinkable water, electricity and where there are open-air dumps and open sewers. Korogocho and Dandora slums grow up next to one of the biggest African dumpsites, where people and especially children scavenge for plastic and things to re-sell. Here the emergency is permanent.

Kenya is an “in-transition” country, rich in opportunities and great challenges, but also extremely poor, as all Central-East Africa is. Investments in the country are increasing, but more than 60% of young people still don’t have a job.

For all the reasons above, after the development of three primary schools and two children’s homes, we had the idea of trying and bringing a great change: an Italian food school in Kenya, aimed at slums’ children’s professional future.

An ambitious choice, but we immediately found the help of sponsors and companies, which now are supporting the Alice Italian Food Academy project. 

This is not just a project for vulnerable boys and girls, but an opportunity to bring Italian excellences to Kenya, from the laboratory’s special machines to prime ingredients.

Alice Italian Food Academy is a real chance for Alice for Children’s boys and girls to learn a job and gain economic and social independence.

Visit us today

Pay us a courtesy call.
Kibiku road, Utawala, Embakasi East Constituency, Nairobi County

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