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Bonjour Institute

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Nairobi County

Accredited by: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)

About Bonjour Institute

Why does Bonjour Institute exist? Simple. We exist to facilitate seamless communication between English and French speakers through our French Tuition, Translation and Interpretation services.

Since we opened our doors in 2008, we have consistently offered high-quality, cutting-edge and customized French solutions to all our clients.

French is the second official language of the UN and the AU. This means that learning French in Kenya gives you an edge career-wise as you can work almost anywhere in Africa and beyond.

Bonjour Institute is a well-known premium brand serving the high-end market in Kenya and the region. Our name is synonymous with class and high quality, and our clientele is comprised of elite members of society who know that they deserve the very best in life, and they don't settle for anything less.

As the premier French college in Nairobi, you are guaranteed a level of service that is unrivaled by any French School in Kenya. Whether you want to learn French at our Uniafric House Campus, at your office or even at home, we have various services all tailored to suit your needs.

We also offer top-notch French-English translation services to our clients, be they in Nairobi or elsewhere in the world. We are also acclaimed for our professional French-English Interpretation services, offered mostly to clients in Nairobi, Kenya but also in the East African region and Oceania. We also offer Arabic-English, Spanish-English and Portuguese-English conference Interpretation services to facilitate seamless communication during pan-African meetings.

Why study at Bonjour Institute

Bonjour Institute was founded to fill various gaps in the French Language market in Kenya, the biggest of which  was to correct the prevailing situation in which students consistently passed their French exams but could never manage to express themselves in proper spoken French.

A sizeable Kenyan population that can confidently speak French is a great asset to the country since they act as a bridge to the numerous French-speaking countries in Africa and beyond to facilitate trade and cultural interaction/cohesion.

Over the past 11 years, our staff has helped more than 3,000 students to learn and master the French language, improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, these students have grown in self-esteem and confidence, and many have landed lucrative jobs with various NGOs and Multinational Corporations.. We love celebrating these victories with our students.

Are you looking for a place where you can learn French in Nairobi? Bonjour Institute offers you intensive French courses from Beginners' to Diploma Level in Nairobi, Kenya. We have tailored our French courses to the needs of our Nairobi clientele, be they, individuals or corporate clients.

Are you looking for French Translators or Interpreters in Nairobi, Kenya? Bonjour Institute is the premier provider of professional French Translation and Interpretation services to clients in Kenya and beyond. Our team of experienced French Translators and Interpreters is at your beck-and-call, to give you a service experience that is second to none in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole.

Looking to invest in a Francophone country? Bonjour Institute is your go-to partner for all your French-related solutions regarding legal requirements and the business environment of your host country.

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