Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies

Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies

Private College

Nairobi County

Accredited by: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)

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About Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies

Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies strives to provide its students knowledge, guidance, and skills such that they become technical experts in their fields of study.

In the 21st century, an ability to work with information and communication technologies is becoming as essential to education, life and workplace success as reading, writing and arithmetic. It is for these reasons Brilliant College offers ICT and IT programs.

Over recent years, beauty has become an essential thing for both males and females. Everyone endeavors to look elegant and astonishing by accentuating their face and skin tone as well as keeping their body in perfect shape. Thus people are forced to venture more into acquiring knowledge in the various aspects of the beauty industry.
Well here at BRILLIANT College we always seek to furnish you into that astonishing and classic individual you have always wanted to be by offering you top quality knowledge in beauty courses which include;

  • Cosmetology,
  • Beauty Therapy,
  • Hairdressing,
  • Barbering,
  • Nail Technology,
  • Reflexology and Body Massage
  • Modelling classes.

Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies offers artisan and proficiency level courses meant for individuals who have

  • low O -level grades
  • completed their primary education studies but do not wish to progress to high school.

Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies is located along Mhihoko road,Githurai 45,Nairobi.

We offer Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses with examination bodies like KNEC, ICM, ABMA and City & Guilds.

Courses offered at Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies