Great Lakes University of Kisumu (Gluk)


Kisumu Central - Constituency, Kisumu - County

About Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Great Lakes University of Kisumu is a fully chartered university with its main campus located beyond Mamboleo on the Kisumu - Miwani Road.

GLUK has campuses and teaching sites namely: Milimani centre, Nairobi, Kokise, Kisii, Mbita, Mfangano, Mumias, Oyugis, Siaya, Kapsabet and Garissa.

The main aim of GLUK is to develop effective managers of development initiatives in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. GLUK also equips its students with additional skills aligned and designed for Kenyas vision 2030.

GLUK is highly regarded in its unique methods of programme delivery and research both linked to problem solving and community service focusing on health, food and income security.

The University serves Kenyan and International students. The academic experience at GLUK is enriched by the latest in teaching techniques, mentorship and collaborative programmes with various Universities.

The mission of the Great Lakes University of Kisumu is to offer strategic and competitive opportunities for education, learning, and discovery of new knowledge that are valuable to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting and that are recognized locally, nationally, regionally and globally.  The University offers a full range of degree and other programmes at the undergraduate, graduate,  post-graduate and professional levels.
In addition, it embraces a broad research and consultancy agenda hinged on strategic and collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders.  Our partners include, but are not limited to, other educational institutions – both national and international; government agencies; the private sector; non-governmental agencies; civil society; and community-based organizations – among others.The objectives of our partnerships are to serve society and to impact the world. Stakeholder Values.

The University’s primary goal is to become a globally recognized institution that is responsive to global challenges at the local level – thinking globally while acting locally.  The University will deploy its resources in identifying and responding to the social,  economic, and cultural challenges affecting the quality of life in local and world communities through education,training, research, and service. Strategic Focus.

Towards Institutional Excellence – GLUK will continually strive towards academic excellence in all its undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, research, professional and other programmes.

Towards Inclusive Diversity – The University will continually strive to attract, recruit,  and retain a diverse body of both students and staff that mirrors its own global citizenship.

On Research – Towards achieving the goals of responding to social, economic,  and cultural challenges, GLUK will maintain its focus on creation and dissemination of new knowledge through research, through which it will enrich the educational experiences of its students and the academic goals of its faculty.

On Partnerships – GLUK will continue to pursue collaboration with its alumni,  the local business community,local and national governments, development agencies, and other educational institutions – among other stakeholders.

On Faculty and Staff – GLUK will foster a proactive faculty and staff recruitment,  training, and retention strategy that recognizes the pivotal role of this most valuable resource.  The focus will be to provide them with enhanced access to globally competitive career opportunities.

On Accountability – GLUK will continue the culture of administrative efficiency that fosters integrity through prudent use of resources.

Strategic Goals
To become a nationally and globally competitive research university as measured by some of the world’s most credible evaluators;
To produce a student profile consistent with the world’s competitive private research university by creating and maintaining an environment conducive to student success;
The University will strive towards fulfilling local, national, and regional workforce needs as it also endeavours to become the primary engine for social, economic, cultural, and intellectual development;

Athletic Competitiveness – GLUK will continue to provide a comprehensive educational experience that includes strong athletic programmes;

Resource Competitiveness – In recognition of resource as the key driver of success, GLUK will continually strive to build a strong resource base that will enable it to accomplish its stated mission and strategic objectives and to realize its vision.

Why study at Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in teaching, research and service provision towards empowering communities in the Great Lakes region and beyond, bridging academics with community and institutional based development for healthy, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable development.

Our Mission

The mission for GLUK is the development of effective concerned managers, leaders with a vision for effective transformation of socio-economic development in the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa and beyond.

Our Core Values

Gluk’s core values and principles revolve around upholding the dignity of all people through:

  1. Responsible and prudent stewardship and accountability of resources
  2. Maintaining high standards of integrity and honesty;
  3. Promoting justice in health and development, sensitive to marginalizing factors
  4. Promoting inclusive democratic participation
  5. Mutual respect in diversity
  6. Building healthy, inclusive communities in diversity.

Great Lakes University of Kisumu History

Origin and Evolution of the idea

The idea of establishing the Great Lakes University of Kisumu originated in the Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development (TICH) in Africa, which spearheaded the application for authority to operate as a university.

The establishment of TICH was inspired by a number of sources expressing the need for a formal course in Community Based Health Care leading to a recognized academic qualification. Such a course would be offered by an academic institution that could effectively weave together theoretical, evidence based and practical hands-on analytical skills training into development, conducted in learning sites located in the community, civil society, industry and public institutions. It was thought that an Institute with the freedom to innovate but linked to an established University would be the best base for such a training program.

The Institute was established in 1998 to respond to these challenges and to make a contribution towards the paradigm shift needed for the achievement of sustainable development at various levels particularly in Africa. In this respect, GLUK subscribes to the philosophy of self-propagated development, which is made sustainable through communities’ own participation.

The idea has attracted some of the best and most renowned brains in the country to nurture the young University to excellence in the fields of health, development and related disciplines. Their involvement ensures the necessary academic rigor while permitting flexibility and responsiveness required in producing graduates that are problem solvers and job creators.

Great Lakes University of Kisumu Location

Kisumu, Kenya

Courses offered at Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Great Lakes University of Kisumu
Bachelors Degree

Bachelor of Education Arts

Great Lakes University of Kisumu
Bachelors Degree