International University of Professional Studies

Mombasa - County


International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) is the Enterprise University.

A sharpening place for skills in Africa, and the world.

As an Enterprise University, we seek to impact on life,
society and people by arming students with the requisite knowledge,
attitude and skills; molding them into knowledgeable solution providers,
and leaders who are fully capable of combating the challenges of a dynamic world.

We inspire minds to see endless possibilities.We encourage entrepreneurial, creative and innovating thinking and practise, and encourage embracing of technology to enable life and business.

IUPS provides learners with academic, co-curricular, staff and
facilities, and other resources that help them achieve their potential
at the highest scholarly levels. We embrace diversity to prepare
learners for positions of leadership and fulfilled lives of service to
humanity- driven by technology, market relevance, creativity, innovation
and entrepreneurship. Through the scholarship and teaching of our
faculty, IUPS seeks to instill an enterprising way of life through
fulfilling our statement of purpose: - Refining to Distinction

Why Choose International University of Professional Studies


To be a technology and market driven innovative world class enterprise university.


To develop quality human capital and entrepreneurs prepared for a
life of purpose, service and leadership in society through flexible
dynamic teaching, research, consultancy, community service and nurturing
the spirit of innovation and enterprise.

Core Values

Commitment to excellence: We shall pursue the highest professional
and integrity standards in all we do in order to nature excellence
and innovation, both as individuals and as a community
  1. Customer focused: We shall continually strive to meet and exceed our
    stakeholders’ expectations.
  2. Teamwork: We shall foster a work environment of team building,
    shared skills, openness and honest communication as a key attribute
    of achieving our objectives.
  3. Innovation: We shall continually adapt, evolve and change to improve
    our programmes, methodology and technology in order to be at the
    forefront of education and training.
  4. Service to humanity: We shall aim to make a difference in our
    immediate community and to mankind as a whole.


Inoorero University is anchored on over a quarter of a century of excellence in education having been founded on what was originally known as the Kenya School of Professional Studies. (KSPS.) The following is the historical journey from KSPS to IU.

1983: July Hon. F. T. Nyammo,- OGW MP.and Mr. Sultan Khimji, register K.S.P.S.

1983: November Kenya School of Professional Studies starts operations.

1985: Executive Education, targeting development of skills in organizations for various cadres of staff begins.

1991: K.S.P.S moves to its new home Inoorero center, Parklands.

1992: K.S.P.S governance structure is revised and a Board of Directors chaired by the founder Hon F. T. Nyammo is put in place.

1993: The Board makes an enquiry at the Commission for Higher Education on what it takes to migrate to university status.

1997: The School begins to develop its own certificate and diploma programs.

2003: The K.S.P.S Scholarship scheme now worth Kshs.14 million was established.

2005: K.S.P.S programs are validated by the Commission for Higher Education after a successful proposal and inspection.

2006: Management presents a paper to the Board of Directors justifying the need to migrate to university. The Board of Directors approved the proposal and by December 2006 planning had began and the necessary consultants hired.

2007: K.S.P.S is gazetted by Ministry of Education Science and Technology as authorized to examine and certify in its own certificates and diploma programs. In October of 2007, K.S.P.S submits its proposal to migrate to university status by the Commission for Higher Education.

2008: The School upgrades Inoorero Center and puts up a bigger Library with multi media facilities, disabled facilities and refurbishes its lecture rooms. The Commission for Higher Education carries out the first physical facilities inspection in October.

2009: In March 2009, the Commission for Higher Education carries out the Academic inspection followed by a final inspection in June.

2009 18th September: K.S.P.S is awarded the Letter of Interim Authority authorizing it to operate as a university and is gazetted on 14th September 2009.

October 12th: Prof. Thairu is confirmed the VC Chancellor, Inoorero University, The University Council also appoints Ms. Wamuyu Kambo as DVC , Administration, Planning and Development. And Prof. Kang’ethe as DVC, Academic, Research and Student Affairs

October 15th: Inoorero Univeristy (IU) is finally unveiled to the public


Inoorero Center, Luhya Lane-Off Limuru Road, Parklands

Courses offered at International University of Professional Studies


2 years

ICT based teaching & management

5 weeks

Bachelor of Procurement

Bachelors Degree
3 years

Journalism & media studies

2 years

Law & Practise

1 year.

Computer Application

2 months

CISCO ITE(It Essential) & CCNA

5 months

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelors Degree
3 years

Law & Practise

Higher Diploma
6 months


1 year


3 months

Personal Development courses

3 - 5 Months

Trending courses