Welcome to Maasai Mara University."> Welcome to Maasai Mara University." />

Maasai Mara University

Public University

Narok - County

Welcome to Maasai Mara University.


Welcome to Maasai Mara University. The
vision we hold as a University is to be a World Class
University committed to academic excellence for development. Our Mission
is to provide Quality University education through innovative teaching,
research and consultancy services for development.

Maasai Mara University offers
high-quality, branded graduands whose image is recognizable among
consumers in the corporate world by creating a sense of confidence among
consumers who send their daughters and sons here.

Maasai Mara University
portrays itself as a reservoir of the countrys culture and intellectual
elite with the obligation to champion social, political and economic
change in society through professional extension services and
influencing policy.

In the heart of South Rift Region of Kenya Republic,
at the forefront of innovation, Maasai Mara University is home to the
seventh wonder of the world- The Maasai Mara National Game Reserve. We
focus on research and inspired teaching. At the hub of a growing network
of global partnerships, MMU will shape the future by building bridges
with industry and between disciplines, institutions and communities. From Business, computing, ICT, education, psychology, tourism,
environmental sciences and health sciences and research, ideas that will
change the world are at the heart of Maasai Mara University.

University encourages interaction between researchers and local
community. It has already implemented outreach activities which support
sustainable development. Through research and outreach programmes, the
University supports the economic, educational, social and cultural
development activities of the community. The launch of the Mara-Mau
Outreach and Resource Centre has helped the University to successfully
realize some of the community related activities.

The institution
contributes significantly to the conservation of natural resources by
engaging the student fraternity to plant trees especially in the Mau
Forest. It also contributes to preservation of the cultural heritage of
Kenya, by promoting the rich culture of the local and indigenous
communities, such as, Samburu, Ilichamus and the Maasai whose culture
has withstood the test of times, through the cultural week which is held
once every year. During the cultural week students are engaged in
cultural shows which enhance understanding amongst different communities
in Kenya.

Courses offered at Maasai Mara University

Bachelor of Science(mathematics)

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Arts In Economics (BAE)

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Science (zoology)

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Science (physics)

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Arts in History

Bachelors Degree
4 years

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