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Private College

Mcensal School of Fashion Design


Mcensal School of Fashion Design is a Private College located in Likoni Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

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About Mcensal School of Fashion Design

Launched in 2009, Mcensal School of fashion has quickly become the top fashion college in Kenya. Offering certification from Edexcel Btec, the college is primed to produce the next generation of gifted fashion designers set to revolutionize and influence the fashion industry in Africa as well as competitors who will stand out in the international fashion platform.

For many years, fashion design has been closely associated with tailoring, often considered the last resort after a poor performance in school. This is both wrong and unfortunate due to the fact that the international market of fashion is a thriving industry employing millions, adding value and greatly propelling the economies of many nations. In Kenya, there are many aspiring and gifted designers with a  passion for fashion and dreams to move from just tailoring to become renowned fashion brands.

There are great potential and genuine interest in fashion in East Africa today, evidenced by the frequent occurrence of creative fashion events. Creativity alone without excellence will however perpetually keep us in a stagnant market. It is upon this foundation that Mcensal School of Fashion is built. The main aspiration of the Mcensal School of Fashion is to nurture students and provide them with an atmosphere that will challenge them to aspire to be the best designers and trendsetters in Africa and worldwide.

Students are encouraged to move from their comfort zone, by training and equipping them with the know-how of transforming an idea into professionally finished apparel thereby inspiring them to kindle creativity and be fashion entrepreneurs whose products will compete in the international catwalk.

Mcensal School of Fashion students with the guidance of passionate and enthusiastic facilitators become dedicated, responsible, and confident members of society.  These are the type of students who will make a difference to the African Fashion Industry.

Why study at Mcensal School of Fashion Design

Our mission at Mcensal School of Fashion is to provide students with fashion aid and enable them to compete and stand out in the international fashion world.

Programs offered at Mcensal School of Fashion Design


Fashion and Design

Certificate CDACC

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Fashion and Clothing

Diploma Pearson

This Fashion and Design Diploma program is a one year course that has been designed to teach students the techniques and skills required to design, produce, and promote...

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Fashion and Design

Higher Diploma Pearson

This Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma in Fashion and Design has been designed to teach students the techniques and skills required to design, produce, and promote fashion, clothing,...

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