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Public College

National Youth Service Engineering Institute


National Youth Service Engineering Institute is a Public College located in Likoni Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

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About National Youth Service Engineering Institute

The National Youth Service (NYS) is the pride and backbone of our nation whose focus has been to help the youth discover and develop their potential since 1964.
It was restructured by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2014 into a premier agency through which Government executes an elaborate and comprehensive youth empowerment master plan known as The 5-Point Vision.
Vision: to catalyze a transformative youth empowerment in Kenya
Mission: Go On! Be Great! Tuko Tayari Kufanya Kazi
Core Values: Integrity Patriotism, Discipline, Selflessness, Reliability, Fairness, Team Spirit

Why study at National Youth Service Engineering Institute

Fifty Years ago, the Founding Fathers of this nation grappled with a youth bulge that was not ordinary. The nation had emerged from a grueling liberation war, and the youth were at the centre of it.

Their energies were high and their demands were justified. However, the country was too young to absorb the throbbing dreams of the expectant youth. A shift was necessary; one that would translate their raw energies and dreams into nation-building. And this shift was best articulated in the twin philosophy of His Excellency, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta when he declared; ??Uhuru na Kazi? and ??Hakuna Cha Bure?.

At the core of this philosophy was the instruction that everyone had to earn through service and hard work. To harness the energy of the youth and realize their dreams, therefore, the His Excellency the late president muted the idea of sending them into National Service. This was to be done through an agency that combined high discipline with much needed vocational training. And to achieve this, His Excellency the president put together a formidable team consisting of the consummate educationist in the person of the late Dr. Geoffrey Griffins and an utmost disciplinarian who served in the Mau Mau war ? the late General Waruhiu Itote (General China). Together, the two established the National Youth Service in September 1964.

Programs offered at National Youth Service Engineering Institute


Aeronautical Engineering

Diploma KNEC

Aeronautical Engineering is a well-known branch of engineering that attracts students with interest in airplanes and their mechanism. Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft. They are involved primarily in...

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Automotive Engineering

Diploma KNEC

This diploma in automotive engineering focuses on the design and manufacture of cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. Students take courses on vehicle and electrical technology, mathematics and...

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Building Technology

Diploma KNEC

Building technology is the application of technology to the design and construction of buildings. It is a component of architecture and building engineering and is sometimes viewed as...

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Civil Engineering

Diploma KNEC

Civil engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines, civil engineering encompasses many specialties, including structural, water resources, environmental, construction, transportation, and geotechnical engineering.Civil engineers design...

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Electrical Engineering

Diploma KNEC

Electrical engineering is the design, building and maintenance of electrical control systems, machinery and equipment. Some electrical engineering concerns are also found in mechanical and civil engineering.The term...

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Information and Communication Technology

Diploma KNEC

Information and Communication Technology is the integration of telecommunications in computing for effective access, storage, transmission, and manipulation of information. Information Technology has emerged as a major sector...

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Mechanical Engineering

Diploma KNEC

Mechanical engineering is an engineering branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.The mechanical engineering field requires...

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Construction Plant

Diploma KNEC

This construction plant technology course equips students with knowledge in heavy machinery and mechanical failures associated with this heavy machinery. You will have the broad range of skills...

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