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Private University

RAF International University


RAF International University is a Private University located in Kajiado North Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

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About RAF International University

RAF International University (RIU) is an innovative and forward-looking institution whose mission is to create a learning environment that combines the best of tradition and what current developments in science, technology, and the humanities and social sciences have to offer.

The University wants not only to make use of new knowledge but also be part of the creation of that knowledge. In order for it to play its part, it has created the necessary infrastructure to make it possible for that to happen. Part of this is, of course, the physical facilities, but the primary driving force is the presence on campus and class of the best-qualified staff who have the necessary credentials to teach effectively and they themselves, on the strength of their training, will be part of the global team of researchers who add value to the search for a better life for all. We are driven by compassion, mercy, integrity, and humanitarian values that stand for inclusion, without regard to sectarian, ethnic, or ideological differences.

Why study at RAF International University

RAF International University (RIU) is a student-centered university with a diverse and welcoming campus that fosters an institution-wide commitment to creating a strong, well-founded future for our students for the local and international communities.

RIU programs are complemented by applied, clinical, and work-integrated learning opportunities, making them among the best and at the same time affordable in the country. New programs will further give our students enhanced opportunities for the future and in line with the goals of  Vision 2030.

The RIU community is deeply committed to contributing to a better future for people, places, and our beloved country.

Our success, at RAF University, can be attributed to many factors: our talented and dedicated faculty, the energy, enthusiasm, and inventiveness of our undergraduate and diploma students, the dedication and support of excellent staff, the passion for our alumni to make a difference in their communities and the support and active engagement of our many donors, partners and supporters.

Programs offered at RAF International University


Bachelor of Education Arts

Bachelors Degree Commision for University Education

The Bachelor of Education Arts degree program is designed to produce graduate teachers who are well equipped with the requisite competencies and values of teaching specific subject areas...

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Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelors Degree Commision for University Education

Business Management is the planning, organizing, coordination, and directing of business activities in order to meet a predefined business objective. Management is the act of getting people together...

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RAF International University - Historical journey

RAF International University was founded in the early 2000s through ITED (International Trust for Education), initially established as an institution offering Islamic and Arabic language courses at the diploma level. However, due to the demand for affordable quality higher education, the founders decided to expand and upgrade to a fully-fledged university offering degrees in various fields.

As the custodians of the institution, ITED envisioned RIU to be an academic platform which aims at shaping the minds and producing a new breed of intellectuals and skilled professional who combine contemporary scientific approaches with noble human values.

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