Rongai Vocational Training Center

About Rongai Vocational Training Center

Rongai Vocational Training Center offer skills-focussed courses to Mentally Handicapped children from the Vanessa Grant School and others with the same disabilities i.e: knitting, tailoring, sewing, hair dressing, nutrition and cooking, computing, book-keeping and business management.

Rongai Vocational Trianing Center has other projects underway like Poultry keeping,Green House farming,Rabbit Keeping,Ducks and Geese as well as goats.The School is now constructing a new building to add more classes and a Dormitory for the boys through the well wishers. We hope that in the near futue we shall get more funds to complete the School.

Rongai Vocational Training Center History

I Naomi Ndungu the founder of Vanessa Grant School and currently the Headteacher one day sat and wondered what will be the life after Vanessa for these needy and Challenged Children. I thought of a Training Center and through the help of Edukans, Rongai Vocational Training Centre was started in the year 2009.

Courses offered at Rongai Vocational Training Center