University of Kabianga (UoK)

Belgut - Constituency, Kericho - County


University of Kabianga is located in Kabianga Division in Kericho West District.
The University is situated in the Kabianga Complex, comprising of the then Kabianga Framers Training Center, Kabianga High School and Primary School and the Kipsigis County Council Tea Farm.
The University joins the list of the recently established Universities with a view of creating more learning opportunities.
Currently the University has over 7000 students.

Why Choose University of Kabianga


To be a leading University in scientific innovation for the betterment of humanity.


To create, preserve and transfer knowledge and technology through quality and entrepreneurial education, research, extension and partnership with Governmane, industry and non-state actors whilst ensuring a sustainable environment.

 Core Values

  1. Promoting and defending intellectual and academic freedom, scholarship, innovation and relentless search for truth
  2. Fostering teamwork, collaboration, creativity aand innovation, effective communication, tolerance and a culture of peace.
  3. Valuing excellence, quality and service, openness, consultation, efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Recognizing competence, meritocracy, exemplary leadership, equality, integrity and national patriotism.
  5. Continually improving services in order to remain competitive and relevant.


To foster intellectual development, excellence, creativity and innovation, academic freedom, equity, integrity, peace and sustainability through relentless search for truth.


Innovation and Excellence


The Kabianga Complex has along history.
The Government School, Kabianga ,was started in 1925. Kabianga Teachers Training College existed between 1929 and 1963, when the College was moved to the present Kericho Teachers Training College.After the relocation ,Kabianga Farmers Training Centre was established in 1959 at the premises.
The objective of Kabianga Farmers Training Center was to serve as an Agricultural Training facility for farmers from the South Rift and beyond.
Kabianga Farmers Training Centre became Kabianga Campus of Moi University in may 2007.
In May, 2009, the University Campus was elevated to a University College and on 1st March 2013 it was awarded charter by H.E Hon. Mwai Kibaki and became a fully fledge University.


The University is situated in the famous and lush tea
growing highlands of Kericho in the South-Western end of the Rift
Valley Province of Kenya and within the proximity of the famous
multinational tea growing companies, Unilever, James Finlay and George
It is located approximately 26 km from Kericho Town and is
about 6.2 km off road a junction called Kabianga Dairies, formerly -Premier- on Kericho-Kisii road

Courses offered at University of Kabianga

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Education Arts

Bachelors Degree

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelors Degree
4 years

Bachelor of Arts Economics

Bachelors Degree

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