Preparing for a job interview

Sam Mwangi
02 Jan 2020
1 minute

Preparing for a job interview

One needs to think creatively in preparing for job interviews and candidates can do so by researching the company in depth. Savvy job-seekers should find great pieces of information about the employer and one of the ways of doing this is by reading their sustainability report, also known as the corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. Having that extra bit of knowledge and information will give you an edge over the other candidates.
Typically, the CSR report focuses on actions taken by the organisation to reduce its carbon footprint and what kind of legacy the company is creating for future generations. It shows how the company contributes to the well being of its employees and the community in which it operates. If companies fail to demonstrate their social commitment, they will find it challenging to remain in business and to win support from their stakeholders.
In my opinion, there are five good reasons why a savvy job seeker should be interested in a company's CSR report before the job interview:

  • Understanding the corporate culture
  • Employee care and engagement
  • How sustainable is the business model
  • Senior management commitment
  • To generate a conversation topic (icebreaker)


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