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What can I do with an engineering degree?

Anything you want. An engineering degree can provide you with access to any field, any profession, any industry or any career you might be interested in pursuing.

To begin, getting an engineering degree qualifies you to work as an engineer. And the great thing about the engineering profession is that the opportunities are limitless.

There are many fields you can choose from including, electrical, mechanical, industrial, safety, chemical, aerospace, petroleum, biomedical, ocean and mining just to name a few.

From these fields you can choose from many different types of engineering functions that include design, analysis, test, production, operations and sales.

Every industry you can list today, and just a few are: transportation, energy, entertainment, medicine, consumer products, agriculture, telecommunications, computer, power, shipping and food processing need engineers as part of their everyday business and operations. So your options with an engineering degree in the engineering profession depend on what you want to do and your own interests.


But it does not stop there.

Getting an engineering degree can open the door to other professions as well.

The process of becoming an engineer involves learning how to understand a problem, devise solutions and then being able to implement them.

Engineering students learn how to apply their knowledge to become problem solvers. This type of thinking process is critical to todays business world and almost every profession. Many engineering graduates today are pursuing careers in law, medicine and business.

In a report published several years ago of the S & P 500 companies, 20% of the CEOs had engineering undergraduate degrees, about equal to those with business degrees.

In a world increasingly connected to technology, having a background and understanding in engineering, and a thinking process geared toward developing solutions will enable an engineering graduate to chart his or her own path.

Whether it is in engineering, or law, or medicine or business, the engineering graduate has the advantage.

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