Art and Design Program Offered at Academy of Graphic Technologies

Diploma 1 year Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Academy of Graphic Technologies)

About Art and Design Diploma program.

This National Diploma in Art and Design program is designed to introduce you to the main areas of 2D and 3D Art and Design.

The program provides a practical experience as well as enabling students to focus on specific subject areas in greater depth.

The different disciplines taught in this art and design course include Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art, Interactive Media, Fashion, Textiles and 3D Design.

The course will also give students the opportunity to appreciate the work of other artists and designers and to learn about associated professional practice.


Objectives of Art and Design

This National Diploma in Art and Design course is designed mainly for high school leavers who have experience in art and design, as well as having a passion and desire to explore the diverse subject area that is covered by art and design.

Students of this art and design diploma program will gain a solid understanding of broad art and design practices, skills, and techniques.

Graduates of this Art and Design diploma program will be able to: 

  • Apply basic design principles to present ideas, information, products, and services in a creative visual manner.
  • Demonstrate adherence to professional graphic design industry standards.
  • Convey ideas clearly and confidently in their work, their speech and their writing.
  • Evaluate and synthesize different points of view and determine appropriate solutions to serve specific outcomes.
  • Constantly and prominently consider the cultural, social and economic environment in which their ideas, products, and strategies will live.

Entry requirements for Art and Design

KCSE certificate

Art and Design Course Subjects

  • Visual Recording Art and Design: This unit aims to extend the learner's ability to select and visually record from a range of sources in order to communicate information to different audiences, using appropriate methods for a range of specific purposes.
  • Material, Techniques, and Processes in Art and Design: The aim os this unit is to develop learner's skills and understanding in working creatively with the materials, techniques, and processes associated with their specialist pathway.
  • Photography Location Techniques: The aim of this unit is to introduce learners to the equipment and techniques needed to photograph on location. Learners will develop their location photography skills when using equipment and techniques to create their own location photography.
  • Typographic and Layout design: This unit aims to develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to design effective and creative page layout solutions using typography, page layout conventions and desktop publishing computer applications.
  • Contextual Influences in Art and Design: The unit aims to develop learner's skills and knowledge of how historical and cultural influences in art, craft, and design. Learners achieve this by researching and recording information, whilst developing critical and analytical skills.
  • Communication through Art and Design: This unit aims to develop the breadth and depth of learner's knowledge understanding and skills in communication through art and design by using visual imagery to communicate ideas, messages and meaning, and then applying findings to their own ideas.
  • Computers in Art and Design: This unit will enable learners to develop skills and understanding of the use of computers in art and design. they will develop creative responses through their own study and production of computer-based art and design work.
  • Educating Through Art and Design: The unit aims to develop learner's skills, knowledge, and understanding in enhancing learning through art and design. Learners will be given the opportunity to link art and design with education, enabling them to gather information to support the learning process.
  • Ideas and Concepts in Art and Design: This unit aims to broaden and deepen learner skills, knowledge, and understanding of creative thinking across contemporary and historical art and design, in order to inform their own practice.
  • Mixed Media Image Making: This unit is designed to develop learner's skills in the creative and experimental use of non-traditional graphic media and methods in their design work. Learners will explore the potential use of graphic media and the range of skills needed in order to exploit these forms effectively.
  • Professional Practice in Art and Design: This unit aims to develop learner's skills and understanding of professional practice in art, craft, and design such as legislation, health safety, and ethical working methods. they will also consider communication skills and time management related to professional practice.
  • Image Manipulation Using Computer Applications: this unit aims to develop learner's skills and understanding in technical and creative image manipulation, using a variety of processes and for different purposes.

About Academy of Graphic Technologies

The Academy of Graphic Technologies (AGT) was established in by the Graphic Art Industry to bridge the gap between individuals talented, with a background in art and design and passionate about the graphic design profession, and the ever-changing and demanding industry.

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