Bachelor of Architecture Program Offered at Kenyatta University


Kenyatta University (KU)

Kiambu County

Bachelors Degree 6 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Kenyatta University)

About Bachelor of Architecture Bachelors Degree program.

This degree will set you on the path to a career as an architect. You will combine classroom studies, fieldwork and practical experience to learn about designing buildings, urban systems, public places, transport nodes, and recreation and conservation areas. You will also develop your design and creative problem-solving skills, and learn how to create designs that meet aesthetic, functional and user needs - now and in the future. 

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Architecture

A candidate wishing to be admitted into the Department of Architecture in pursuit of a Degree of Bachelor of Architectural Studies/Bachelor of Architecture must:-

  • Satisfy the minimum entrance requirement of the University.
  • Score a minimum grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and have a minimum grade of C+ in the following subjects
    • Mathematics
    • English or Kiswahili
    • Physics and any 2nd Group II (Biology or Chemistry)
    • Any Group III (Geography or History or Religious Education)
    • Any group IV (Home Science or Art and Design or Agriculture or Aviation Technology or Computer Studies)
    • Any group V (French, German, Arabic, Music, Business Studies)
  • A-Level - Two Principal Passes in any one of the following subjects: Economics, History, Geography, Commerce, or any other relevant subject, and a credit pass in the English language and Mathematics at KCE level or equivalent.
  • Approved Diploma - Candidates with a Kenyatta University approved diploma or Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) Diploma with at least a credit in: Building Construction, Architectural Studies, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering; or Diploma in Estate Agency and Property Management; or Diploma in Technology (Dip. Tech) in Land Administration may be admitted into the first year of study.

Bachelor of Architecture Course Subjects

A candidate who fails to complete a degree programme in double the duration of the programme shall be discontinued.

The programme will lead to the award of: Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S) and Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) respectively.

List of Units Across Semesters

Level 100:
Semester I
UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
ABE 101: Introduction to Geo-Physical environment
ARC 101: Introduction to Environmental Design
ARC 103: History and Theory of Architecture I
ARC 105: Mathematics for Architecture
ARC 107: Architectural Communication I – Presentation Technics

Semester II
UCU 104: Entrepreneurship
ABE102: Introduction to Land Surveying
ARC 102: Introduction to Anthropology & Sociology
ARC 104: Building Materials and Construction I
ARC 106: History and Theory of Architecture II
ARC 108: Architectural Communication II –Anthropometrics
ARC 110: Sustainable Design

Level 200:
Semester I
ARC 201: Building Science I (Thermal Design and Energy Efficiency)
ARC 203: Theory and Design of Structures I
ARC 205: History and Theory of Architecture III
ARC 207: Building Materials and Construction II
ARC 209: Architectural Design I- Human Experience & Environmental Psychology
ARC 211: Building Economics

Semester II
ARC 202: Theory and Design of Structures II
ARC 204: History and Theory of Architecture IV
ARC 206: Interior Architecture
ARC 208: ICT for Architecture
ARC 210: Building Science II (Lighting)
ARC 212: Architectural Design II - Site Planning & Design
ARC 214: Industrial Attachment

Level 300:
Semester I
ABE 301: EIA & Audit for the Built Environment
ARC 301: Land Valuation and Administration
ARC 303: Landscape Architecture
ARC 305: History and Theory of Architecture V
ARC 307: Building Services I
ARC 309: Architectural Design III - Land Uses

Semester II
ARC 311: Building Science III (Acoustics)
ABE 302: Research Methods
ARC 302: Urban and Regional Planning
ARC 304: Building Services II
ARC 306: Architectural Conservation
ARC 308: Theory and Design of Structures III
ARC 310: Architectural Design (IV) – Tectonics

ARC 312: Industrial Attachment

Level 400:
Semester I
ARC 401: Construction Management
ARC 403: Building Law
ARC 405: Architectural Design V - Technical Systems
ARC 409: Housing and Human Settlements

Semester II
ARC 402: Urban Design
ARC 404: Advanced Building Technology I
ARC 406: Theory and Design of Structures IV
ARC 408: Architectural Design Project

ARC 410: Industrial Attachment

Level 500:
Semester I
ARC 501: Architectural Practice and Management
ARC 503: Contemporary Architectural Theory
ARC 505: Advanced Building Technology II
ARC 507: Advanced Architectural Design VII

Semester II
ARC 502: Cost Planning and Control
ARC 504: Advanced Architectural Computing
ARC 506: Advanced Environmental and System Integration
ARC 508: Advanced Architectural Design VIII

ARC 510: Research Proposal

Level 600:
ARC 601: Project programming
ARC 502: Research project
ARC 603: Advanced Architectural Design Project

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