Bachelor of Arts Counselling Psychology Program Offered at Kenyatta University


Kenyatta University (KU)

Kiambu County

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Kenyatta University)

About Bachelor of Arts Counselling Psychology Bachelors Degree program.

This Psychology and Counselling degree offered at Kenyatta University assists students in developing the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to work as professional counsellors in a wide variety of settings.

The degree offers more choice in terms of career options than many other degrees. The subjects are recognised as real assets by employers because they develop people skills and knowledge that are invaluable when working with individuals and teams.

This degree is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in the theory and application of both psychology and counselling. The counselling skills you gain will provide a basis for further study and training in counselling. 

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Arts Counselling Psychology

A candidate for the degree of B.A Counselling and Psychology at Kenyatta University must satisfy the minimum requirements for entry to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Kenyatta University.

In addition, they must have: 

  • Mean grade C+ (plus) at KCSE or equivalent with at least C (plain) in English and Mathematics,
  • Mean grade of C (plain) with a diploma (passed with credit) in any field of study from a recognized institution of higher learning with evidence of experience of at least two years of practice in a relevant field (e.g. Counselling, Psychology, Religion/Theology, Social Work, Nursing, Computer Science, Public Health, HIV/AIDS, Lab. Technology).
  • Mean grade of C- (minus) at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized/accredited Institutions.

Bachelor of Arts Counselling Psychology Course Subjects

University Common Units as guided by the school. All courses in the programme. Counselling Practicum (APS 421) equivalent to 4 Units. Research project (APS 404). The unit will run through two semesters. While on practicum, students will be expected to attend a three hour weekly
School of Humanities and Social Sciences counseling supervision (APS 428). Students will be expected to undertake 15 hours of personal therapy before they proceed on practicum.

Unit Codes and Titles

Level 100
UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU 103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
UCU 101: Development Studies (or)
UCU 104: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (or) UCU 106: Diversity, Ethics and Citizenship
AEN102: The use of English for Academic Purposes
APH 100: Introduction to Philosophy
APS 102: Social Psychology
APS 103: History and Systems of Psychology APS 106: Introduction to life cycle development APS 107: Introduction to Biological Psychology ASC 100: Introduction to Sociology
ASC 101: Introduction to Anthropology
EPS 100: Introduction to Psychology

Level 200
ACU 201: Introduction to Statistics in Social Sciences
ACU 202: Methods and Techniques of Social Science Research
APH 201: History of Philosophy
APH 202: Epistemology
APS 201: Psychology of Personality APS 203: Cross-Cultural Psychology APS 210: Motivation and Emotion APS 212: Child Psychology
APS 213: Introduction to Counselling Psychology
APS 214: Human Sexuality
APS 215: Psychology of Gender
ASC 200: Sociological theory

Level 300
APS 304: Abnormal Psychology
APS 330: Research Project
APS 307: Theories of Counselling
APS 323: Behaviour Modification
APS 324: Emotions, personal Meaning and Counselling
APS 315: Psychology and Crime
APS 313: Introduction to Group Counselling
APS 319: Premarital Counselling
APS 320: Counselling Special Populations
APS 322: Assessment Procedures in Counselling
APS 325: Introduction to Family Therapy
APS 327: Substance Abuse Counselling
Level 400
APS 431: Psychology of Health, Stress and Coping
APS 408: Psychotherapy in Africa
APS 415: Correctional Counselling
APS 416: Introduction to Skills and Techniques of counselling
APS 425: Crisis Intervention and Counselling
APS 418: Lifestyle Diseases and Rehabilitation
APS 421: Counselling Practicum /APS 428: Counselling Practicum Supervision* APS 422: Loss and Grief Counselling
APS 423: Counselling Children and Adolescents
APS 424: Professional Issues and Ethics
APS 426: HIV and AIDS counselling
APS 429: Introduction to Counselling Practicum

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