BACHELOR OF ARTS IN TOURISM Program Offered at University of Nairobi

Bachelors Degree 4 YEARS Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: University of Nairobi)

About BACHELOR OF ARTS IN TOURISM Bachelors Degree program.

To-day, tourism is an important sector of the economy of virtually every country around the world. As both a social phenomenon and dynamic enterprise, it connects many key and in themselves complex spheres of national and international life, including: the economy, the ecology, culture (in both its material and non-material aspects), communication, entertainment, society at large, and the polity (at both localnational and geopolitical levels). The interfaces that ensue have important implications for, inter alia, interpersonal relations, employment, self- and cultural-identity, national security, international relations, entrepreneurial activity, leisure-cum-recreation, sustainable development and the globalization process itself. In all of this, language, technology, sound management principles, and a clear understanding of underlying social processes as well as host-countries= history and present circumstances play pivotal roles. A university level programme is best suited to tackle these complex challenges.


The objectives of the University of Nairobi in offering this programme

i) To sensitize students to the many dimensions of tourism as both a social phenomenon and an enterprise with worldwide ramifications.

ii) To produce a management-level human resource capacity with deep understanding of the focused aspects of natural and socio-cultural environments which today serve as the main driving force behind global and regional touristflows.

Entry requirements for BACHELOR OF ARTS IN TOURISM

Entry requirements for the above degree to University of Nairobi

1.      KCSE with a C+ or equivalent

2.      KCSE with a C plain or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

3.      KCE/EACE Div. III/ Ordinary GCE or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

4.      KACE or EAACE/Advanced GCE Certificate with one principal pass Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized postsecondary institution.

5.      KACE or EAACE certificate with two principal passes or equivalent.

6.      International Baccalaureate Diploma

7.      A degree from a recognized University or equivalent.


First Year - Archaeology

Semester 1

 Introduction to Archaeology

Technological change through time

Semester 2

Introduction to Palaeoanthropology

Topics in world civilizations

First Year - History

Semester 1

History of Kenya to 1900

Technological change through time

Semester 2

History of Kenya since 1900

Topics in world civilizations

First Year- Tourism

Semester 1

Introduction to Tourism

Tourist Attractions and Facilities

Semester 2

International Tourism

The Politics of Tourism

Second Year- Archaeology

Semester 1

Prehistory of Africa

Environmental change through

Semester 2

 Archaeology Field Methods time

Cultural Resource Management

Second Year - History

Semester 1

History of Africa Before 1800

Environmental change through time

Semester 2

History of Africa since 1800

Philosophy of History

Second Year - Tourism

Semester 1

Ecology and Tourism

Hospitality Management

Semester 2

Domestic Tourism

World Cross-Cultural History

Kenya Past and Present

Third Year - Archaeology

Semester 1

Core Units

Geo-archaeology and site formation processes

Conservation Archaeology and Museum Practice


Topics in Physical and Biological Anthropology

The Develop.of Agriculture &Food production

 African Cultural Heritage

Palaeoenvironment and Palaeoecology of Africa

Urban origins and development through time

Origins of Modern Humans and Culture

History and Development of Archaeology

Primate Evolution and Ecology

Prehistory of Europe

Semester 2

Core Units

Archaeological Research Design

Archaeology of East Africa


Ethnohistory of Africa

Prehistory of Oceania and Australia

East African Coast and the Orient

Archaeology of Central & South America

Archaeology of North America

Ancient African Civilizations

Archaeology of Mainland Asia

Geomorphology I

Computers and Statistics in Archaeology

Third Year - History

Semester 1

Core Units

Sources of African History

Eastern Africa to 1900


Prehistory of Africa

African Cultural Heritage

Urban origins and development through time

History of Latin America

History of Imperial Russia

History of USA to 1876

Ancient African Civilizations

Semester 2

Core Units

Theory & Methodology of Hist. Research

East Africa since 1900


Transformation of Europe in the 19th Century

The Indian Sub-continent in Modern Times

Europe since 1914

The World since 1914

Ethnohistory of Africa

East African Coast and the Orient

Transformation of the USSR and Modern Russia

Third Year - Tourism

Semester 1

Core Units

Research Methods in Tourism

Industrial Attachment/Fieldwork


Gender and Tourism

Level II Language Unit I

Introduction to Accounting

Tourism and Health

Tourism and Law

Sports, Culture and Tourism

Ancient African Civilizations

Comparative Youth Cultures

Elements of Palaeoanthropology

Literature and Tourism

Establishing a Tourism Enterprise

Tourism and the African Cultural Heritage

Natural History of East Africa

Semester 2

Core Units

Tourism: Policy, Planning and Management

Tour Operations Management


Level II Language Unit II

Level II Language Unit III

Computer Applications in Tourism I

Tourism and Aesthetics

Cultural Agency

Origins of Modern Humans

Religion and Tourism

Culture and Society in Africa

History of the Peoples of Eastern Africa

Tourism-Sector Accounting

Environmental Impact Analysis

Level III Language Unit I

Wildlife Management Strategies

Fourth Year- Archaeology

Semester 1

Core Units

Archaeology Laboratory

Interpretative Methods in Archaeology


The Earths Physical and Biological Geography

(Same as CGP 201)

Aspects of African Arts and Crafts

Archaeology of West and Central Africa

Field Archaeology

Remote Sensing I

The Nile Valley, Maghreb and the Sahara

Archaeology of Southern Africa

Surveying and Cartography I

Actualistic Studies in Palaeoanthropology

Semester 2

Core Units

National Antiquities and the Law

Public Archaeology and Consultancy



Human Osteology

Geographical Information Systems [GIS] (Same

as CGP 414)

Developments in Ceramic Technology

Theory and Methods of Lithic Technology

Methods of Architectural Reconstruction

Special Topic in Archaeology

Project Paper

Fourth Year- History

Semester 1

Core Units

Historiography of Kenya

Topics in History of Post Colonial Kenya


History of USA since 1876

Regional Surveys of Africa: West Africa

Regional Surveys of Africa: North Africa

Regional Surveys of Africa: Central Africa

Regional Surveys of Africa: Southern Africa

History of USA-Africa Relations

Topics in History of Colonial Kenya

History of Political Ideas

Comparative Studies in Imperialism and

Nationalism in Africa and the Third World

African Socio-intellectual History in the 20th Century

Aspects of Armed Conflicts in Eastern Africa

Semester 2

Core Units

Kenya’s economic history

History of Kenyas Foreign Policy


African Economic History

South East Asia in the 19th & 20th Centuries

Introduction to African Arts and Crafts

Oral History

Middle East in the 19th & 20th Centuries

The Black Diaspora in the Americas

History of African Diplomacy

Constitutional Evolution in Kenya

History of science

Advanced Seminar

Special Topic in History

Project Paper

Fourth Year- Tourism

Semester 1

Core Units

Project Paper

Economics of Tourism


Resort, Cruise & Entertain. Operations

African Literature: Oral and Literary Traditions

African Oral History

 African Arts and Crafts

The Performativity of Culture

Marine Resources & Coastal Resource Mgt.

Professional Ethics

Managing a Tourism Enterprise

Urban Tourism

Environment and Tourism Development

Tourism Sales and Marketing

Geographic Information Systems

Computer Applications in Tourism II

Semester 2

All Electives

Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism

Level III Language Unit II

Level III Language Unit III


Managerial Accounting

Societies and Cultures of the East African Coast:

Past and Present

Management of Tourism Promotion Office

Rural Tourism

Tourism and National Development

Tourism in the Internet Age

Computer-Based Data Processing & Management

Mass Travel

Environmental Management & the Tourist Industry

Tourism, Safety and Security

Museums and Tourism

Tourism and International Relations

Managing Protected Areas

Recreational Facilities Management

Financial Management

Tourism and People-Watching

Contested Terrains

Level IV Language Unit I

Level IV Language Unit II



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