Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management Program Offered at Egerton University

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Egerton University)

About Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management Bachelors Degree program.

Hotel sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Kenya's economy. It now requires an astute business mind, creative management and stunning interests to fully explore and appropriate its socio- economic prospects. The Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management degree brings to aspirants opportunity to be part of the global leadership in Hotel and Catering sector.

This Bachelor of Catering ad Hotel Management programme is unique in that it covers all areas of hospitality that is an important component in the tourism industry, the fastest growing sector.

The Kenyan Hotel industry is a dynamic sector that is growing fast and this programme targets to train those interested in a career in the Hotel industry. Trainees will be expected to specialize in either Hotel management or Catering. The stake holders recommended that there is need to include courses in marketing and course emphasizing on human morals. Further it was evident that there was need to introduce more foreign languages other than French.

The career opportunities include:- Food and Beverage management, Catering management, Hotel or Resort management, Front Office management, Resident management, Property Management and Meetings Consultant or Resort Supervisor.

Objectives of Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management

The aim of Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management programme is to produce professionals with firm academic and practical orientation in the Hotel industry. Specifically the programme will:

  • Allow the students to develop competence in general Hotel management.
  • Prepare students to effectively work as front office officer, guest relation officer, reservation agent, and cashier and night auditor.
  • Enable Students learn how to plan, cost & prepare a large variety of dishes.
  • Prepare students to supervise dry-cleaning plants & house-keeping operations in hotels, hospitals & institutions.
  • Expose students to all types of restaurant service, bar operations & food & wine knowledge.
  • Prepare students for supervisory responsibility in food & beverage operations and ability to carry out independent research in respective discipline.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management

All candidates admitted to the degree programme of Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management BCHM. must satisfy the minimum common entrance requirements as stipulated by the Egerton University Statutes.

  • EITHER KCSE certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+ and a minimum of C in both Mathematics and English/Kiswahili. OR
  • Be a holder of KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes and subsidiary pass With a minimum of credit pass in Mathematics at KCE OR
  • Be a holder of a diploma in a relevant discipline with a credit pass from an institution recognized by university senate. OR
  • Be a holder of any equivalent qualification recognized by the university senate.
  • Based on senate approved guidelines, candidates may be allowed to transfer up to 30% of credit factors from a related diploma course.

Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management Course Subjects

The Bachelors of Catering and Hotel degree programme takes FOUR academic years for full time students. Part-time students may be allowed to cover the programme within EIGHT academic years.

In order to fulfill the graduation requirements for Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management Degree, candidates are required to take and pass at least all courses done.

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