Bachelor of Commerce Program Offered at Management University of Africa

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Management University of Africa)

About Bachelor of Commerce Bachelors Degree program.

As the complexity of our knowledge-based economy increases, so too has the education demand in our workforce. The new millennium has seen a significant increase in degree requirements for entry-level positions. More and more, a degree is becoming a necessity for career success.

This Management University of Africa's four-year Bachelor of Commerce degree opens these doors to the executive level of business. Our small class sizes and top-notch faculty means that you’ll get the best possible education to prepare you for your career in business.

The first two years of our Bachelor of Commerce program provides a fundamental base of business knowledge, with courses exploring a wide variety of essential topics including Macroeconomics, Marketing Fundamentals, Introductory Accounting, Analysis and Argument, and Financial Math.

For the remaining two years, students choose to specialize in one of five areas of business including:

  • Entrepreneurial option (ENT)
  • Human Resource option (HRM)
  • Marketing option (MKT)
  • Accounting option (ACC)
  • Finance and Banking options (FIN)

At the Management University of Africa we also bridge classroom theory with the real world of business. That’s why we provide students with many opportunities to engage the business community through current case studies, networking, independent studies, and international study tours.

So, after four years at the Management University of Africa, our graduates enter the global workforce with confidence and an education to back it.

Objectives of Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce degree programme at the Management University of Africa is designed to ensure that our graduates are able to work efficiently in either of the following positions upon graduation:

  • Public sector government departments and agencies concerned with economic policy or public accounting/financial auditing
  • Private sector multinational corporations or local firms as professional accountants, economists or managers
  • Financial institutions, stockbroking firms and merchant banks as security, economic, investment and business analysts
  • Public utilities fields of transport, communications and power supply
  • Specialist organisations, industry associations, management consultancies, market research and advertising organisations, trade unions, and stockbroking and investment advisory services

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Commerce

Minimum entry requirements for our BCom degree program

  • KCSE - Mean Grade of C+ (PLUS)
  • IGCSE - 5 upper level passes (equivalent to C+)
  • GCE -  O-Level Grade 1-5 Equivalent to (C+), A –Level 2 principles + 1 subsidiary
  • 12TH GRADE -  GPA  of 2.5
  • KACE - 2- Principles and 1 - subsidiary
  • DIPLOMA - Relevant Diploma from a recorgnized institution with a credit pass

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