Bachelor of Education Science Program Offered at Kibabii University College

Bachelors Degree Fulltime Fee: Kshs 5 Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Kibabii University College)

About Bachelor of Education Science Bachelors Degree program.

Bachelor of Education (Science) subject Combinations are:
  • Physics and Maths, 
  • Biology and Chemistry,
  • Physics and Chemistry,
  • Maths and Chemistry,
  • Maths and Computer,
  • Physics and Computer

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Education Science

  • Mean grade C+ (Plus) at KCSE and at least C+ in each of the two teaching
  • 2 principal passes at A - Level and 1 subsidiary in relevant
  • Diploma in Education (May be exempted in relevant units).
  • P1
    teachers must have scored C+ at KCSE to qualify.

About Kibabii University College

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