Bachelor of Industrial Technology Program Offered at Egerton University

Bachelors Degree 2 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Egerton University)

About Bachelor of Industrial Technology Bachelors Degree program.

The bachelor of industrial technology degree programme aims to prepare graduates of middle level institutions to effectively and efficiently tackle both industrial and commercial challenges, and for postgraduate work, research consultancy and extension services. 
The programme aims to produce professional engineers who are capable of reaching highest levels of management in industry, but whose training will be more practical in nature, with far greater proportion of time spent on practical aspects of engineering rather than theory;
The programme is also introduced in response to industrial development needs in the field of design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair, testing and commission, costing and estimation, research and development contract tendering and project management;
The programme provides common core of skills and knowledge which are required by all occupational categories in the form of electives, hence enable the student to prepare themselves for rapid technological changes currently seen globally.
The programme offers professional specialization in the following options, all geared towards solving industrial development needs;

  • Design and Manufacturing Engineering;
  • Automotive and Prime-movers Engineering;
  • Building Services Engineering;
  • Medical Engineering;
  • Micro-Electronics Computer Engineering and
  • Industrial Electronics Engineering

Objectives of Bachelor of Industrial Technology

The Bachelor of Industrial Technology programme aims to uplift and also to impart knowledge and modern technical and managerial skills to the students, to enable them respond effectively to industrial development.

  • At the end of the training, graduates of this programme should be able to:
  • Analyse, synthesize and optimize real life problem solutions and be able to undertake further study and research.
  • Make sound commercial judgement with regard to product or service design, manufacture or operations and project management.
  • Appreciate the influence of other specialism and the effect of the same on other disciplines, including work ethics.
  • Communicate and apply computer knowledge in engineering while having a good understanding of industrial, legal and environmental constraints.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Industrial Technology

The programme shall be open to employer-sponsored or self-sponsored students, with proven qualifications and relevant industrial experience, in the following areas of specialization:-

  • Mechanical Engineering (Production/Plant Options)
  • Motor Vehicle and Construction Plant Engineering
  • Building or Civil Engineering;
  • Medical Engineering
  • Computers Engineering and
  • Electronics Engineering

Admissions shall be offered on the basis of the following qualifications:-

  1. Holders of technical-based ordinary diploma, with credit pass or equivalent qualifications recognized by Egerton University Senate and with relevant industrial experience; and
  2. Holders of higher diploma or equivalent qualifications.

Bachelor of Industrial Technology Course Subjects

The full time duration for this programme will be two academic years with one supervised industrial attachment during the long vocation of 3½ months. The student on this programme will choose either full-time, or part-time (block release) modes of study.
The coding used for all courses pertaining to this degree programme is ITEC denoting Industrial Technology, followed by The courses to be covered include:

  • Basic Engineering and Technology courses
  • Computer Applications Engineering courses
  • Industrial Management courses
  • Industrial Attachment
  • Design and Manufacturing Systems and Engineering options
  • Automotive and Prime-movers Engineering options
  • Building Services Engineering options
  • Medical Engineering options
  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Electronics Engineering

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