Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Telecommunications) Program Offered at Technical University of Kenya

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Technical University of Kenya)

About Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Telecommunications) Bachelors Degree program.

Telecommunication Technologies Engineering is the branch of engineering in charge of telecommunication, addressing all telecommunication technologies without limiting to a particular specialization from the four possible ones: communications systems, telematics, audiovisual systems and electronics.

Telecommunications has undergone a tremendous revolution over the last years, allowing the access, processing and exchange of information among people, machines, intelligent systems, etc. Without telecommunications, the incredible advances experienced in most of scientific disciplines as medicine, aerospacial systems, and many other fields would be non-existent.

The Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Telecommunications) degree programme at Technical University of Kenya (TUK)  takes care of every aspect that enables our graduates to position themselves at the forefront of technological knowledge and skills, not only to meet the current market needs but also to be a leader in every technological advancement linked to Telecommunication Technologies.

The contents of this Telecommunications degree program at TUK include: knowledge about electronic systems, signal processing, signal propagation in different physical media, communications networks and telematics applications and services. The speed at which technology evolves indicates an expectation of an increasing need for skilled professionals in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering. The high rates of employment of our graduates near 100% in recent years endorse and demonstrate these facts.

Additionally, the telecommunicationtechnology graduates from TUK University acquire a solid training in the fundamental concepts of telecommunication technology, so that they can successfully adapt to new technologies that appear in the future.


Objectives of Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Telecommunications)

Telecommunicationsraduates from the Technical University of Kenya are highly employable in national and international markets. Opportunities are available to them in the following: 

  • Business: Project office, R&D, service organization and planning: (telephony, internet, digital television), application of sensors and actuators, processor design for intelligent systems or installations, renewable energy and cogeneration installations, design, optimization, maintenance, and repair of hardware and communication networks, electronic components and production systems, radio technologies.
  • Independent contractor: engineering studies, project development and implementation, worksite management, telecommunications infrastructure, expert reports and legal evaluations, telecommunication networks.
  • Government: technicians in local, regional, and central government.
  • Education: Teaching at secondary, higher, and vocational levels.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Telecommunications)

Candidates shall be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Telecommunications) degree in the School of Engineering Science and Technology in the following categories:

Higher Diploma (HDip) or Equivalent

Candidates eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology - Electrical and Electronic Engineering must have a Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering or Equivalent qualification.

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