Bachelor of Science Computer Technology Program Offered at Jomo Kenyatta University

Bachelors Degree 4years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Jomo Kenyatta University)

About Bachelor of Science Computer Technology Bachelors Degree program.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology program (BSCT) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) provides knowledge and skills in computer networking, electronics product design, computer circuits, and word processing. The goal of this Computer Technology program is to provide students with a high quality applications-oriented undergraduate education based on state-of-the-art technology as a preparation for productive employment in the broad field of microcomputer applications. This goal is achieved through continual updating of course content to ensure relevance to the latest industrial changes, supporting the development of appropriate computer facilities, promoting the integration of advanced computer technology in all courses, and encouraging professional growth and development of the faculty.

With computers assisting nearly every professional and leisure activity of modern life, people who can design, install, configure, network, and repair microcomputer systems can make a valuable contribution to business and industry. People familiar with both the hardware and software requirements of computers are especially valuable. Our Computer Technology students study the application of state-of-the-art components and software in contemporary computer systems. Students are given a solid foundation in mathematics, basic sciences, and electronics. A thorough study is made of digital circuits, microcomputer architecture and systems. Hardware, software, and firmware aspects of microcomputers are covered in detail.

Graduates of Computer Technology from JKUAT are qualified for immediate employment in a variety of industries as sales representatives, field specialists, interface designers, software specialists, and digital applications specialists.

Objectives of Bachelor of Science Computer Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology program (BSCT) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) aims to:

  • help you gain an understanding of the principles and techniques involved in the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of computer systems within a business environment.
  • produce graduates who are able to work in the computer technology and networking industry.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Science Computer Technology

To enroll into the Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology program (BSCT) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) a student requires the follwing;

  • KSCE: Aggregate C+ and an average of C+ and an average grade C+ in of of the following subject combinations
    • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
    • Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science
  • KACE/GCE (‘A’ level) ; A Principal pass in Mathematics or Physics plus one other principal pass from a recognized Institution.
  • Diploma in Computer Technology, Computer Science, Information Technology or any other relevant diploma with Credit pass from s recognized Institution.
  • Any other qualifications deemed by the Senate to be equivalent to the above.

Bachelor of Science Computer Technology Course Subjects

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology program (BSCT) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) has the following course units;

Year 1

  • BIT 2102 Computer Hardware and Organization
  • BIT 2205 Networking Essentials
  • BCT 2101 Introduction to Computers and Operating Systems
  • BCT 2102 Software Applications-I
  • BCT 2103 Software Applications-II
  • BCT 2104 Principles of Programming Languages
  • BCT 2105 Accounting Software
  • BCT 2106 Internet


  • SMA 2104 Mathematics for Sciences
  • BIT 2104 Introduction to Programming
  • BIT 2106 Operating Systems I
  • BIT 2109 Object Oriented Programming I
  • BIT 2116 Network System Design and Implementation
  • BCT 2201 Computing and Communication Skills
  • BCT 2202 Principles of Electrical Engineering.
  • BCT 2203 Principles of Computer Maintenance
  • SZL 2111 HIV AIDS
  • Elective Unit
  • BCT 2204 Entrepreneurial Skills

Year 2

  • SMA 2100 Discrete Mathematics
  • BIT 2110 Operating Systems II
  • BIT 2111 Computer Aided Design.
  • BIT 2119 Management Information Systems
  • BIT 2204 Network Systems and Administration
  • BCT 2205 Electronics
  • BCT 2206 Digital Electronics
  • BCT 2207 Multimedia Applications
  • BCT 2212 Attachment I


  • SMA 2101 Calculus I
  • BIT 2115 Object Oriented Programming II
  • ICS 2203 Internet Application Programming
  • BIT 2118 Application Programming I
  • ICS 2105 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • BCT 2301 Systems Development
  • BCT 2302 Assembly language
  • BCT 2303 Systems Engineering

Year 3

  • SMA 2102 Calculus –II
  • BIT 2203 Advanced Programming
  • BCT 2304 Database Management Systems
  • BCT 2305 Data Communications
  • BCT 2306 Fundamentals of Computer Security Technology
  • BCT 2307 Parallel and Distributed systems
  • BCT 2308 Software Development Tools and Environments
  • BCT 2309 Object Oriented Systems Design


  • BIT 23 05 Human Computer Interface
  • ICS 2307 Simulation and Modeling
  • BCT 2310 Automata theory
  • BCT 2311 Compiler Construction
  • BCT 2312 Database Design and Management
  • BCT 2313 Formal Software Specification Methods
  • BCT 2314 Cryptography and Computer Security
  • BCT 2315 Computer Systems Project
  • BCT 2412 Attachment –II

Year 4

  • BIT 2312 Client/Server systems and computing
  • BCT 2401 Operations Research
  • BCT 2402 Research Methodology
  • BCT 2403 Knowledge Based Systems (KBS)
  • BCT 2404 Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • BCT 2405 Computer Graphical Systems
  • BCT 2406 Project Research and Definition


  • BIT 2313 Professional Issues in Information Technology
  • BIT 2212 Business Systems Modeling
  • BCT 2407 Organization and Management
  • BCT 2408 Computer Architecture
  • BCT 2409 Project Management
  • BCT 2410 Seminar Presentations
  • BCT 2411 Project Implementation

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