Bachelor of science Crop Protection Program Offered at Jomo Kenyatta University

Bachelors Degree 4years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Jomo Kenyatta University)

About Bachelor of science Crop Protection Bachelors Degree program.

Without crop protection yields fall, food prices rise and maintaining food production levels requires more land which is hard t come by. Science, research and innovation offers the only prospect to develop and apply modern crop protection techniques while observing the challenges of natural resources conservation.

This BSc in Crop Protection program at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) is aimed at equiping our young scientists with relevant modern skills for research and crop protection from pests, diseases, weeds and other non-pathogenic related problems.

The knowledge and skills acquired by the BSc Crop Protection graduates from JKUAT will be utilised in their endeavours to improve and increase the amount of food production and food sustainability for our ever increasing human population.

Objectives of Bachelor of science Crop Protection

The graduates of Bachelor of science Crop Protection Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) will be able to carry out research and pursue MSc. degree programs in either Plant Pathology, Plant Virology/Virology, Crop Protection, Entomology, Weed Science and Nematology.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of science Crop Protection

Students wishing to study Bachelor of science Crop Protection Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) must satisfy the minimum University requirement and Faculty of Science entry requirements.

A student to be admitted must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements;


  • must have passed Biology or Biological Sciences in the K.C.S.E. at a minimum grade of C+.  In addition, a student must have passed in any two subjects from the following alternatives:
    • Alternative A : Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
    • Alternative B : Physical Science, Mathematics, Geography/Agriculture
  • have a minimum of 2 principal passes in science subjects in Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE),
  • have a diploma in relevant subjects and with at least a credit pass from an Institution recognised by the University Senate,
  • have a diploma in Applied Sciences with at least a credit pass in relevant subjects from an Institution recognised by the University senate,
  • have any other qualifications accepted by the University senate as equivalent to 1.1 to 1.4.

Students who hold any of the qualifications 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 above may at the discretion of the Faculty of Science be admitted directly to the second year of the course in which case they may complete their course in a minimum of three academic years and a maximum of five academic years

Bachelor of science Crop Protection Course Subjects

Bachelor of science Crop Protection Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) has the following units;

Year 1

University units

  • HRD 2101 Communication Skills
  • HRD 2102 Development Studies and Social Ethics

Faculty unit

  • SMA 2104 Mathematics for Sciences

Core units

  • SBT 2100 Survey of Plant Kingdom I
  • SBT 2101 Survey of Plant Kingdom II
  • SBT 2102 Plant Function
  • SBT 2103 Cellular Basis of Life
  • SBT 2153 Survey of East African Crops
  • SBT 2151 Introduction to East African Agriculture
  • SBT 2255 Introduction to Plant Morphogenesis
  • SZL 2100 Invertebrate Zoology I
  • SZL 2101 Invertebrate Zoology II
  • SBH 2150 Introduction to Biochemistry
  • SCH 2101 Chemical Bonding and Structure
  • SCH 2103 Organic Chemistry

Year 2

Core units

  • ICS 2240 Introduction to Computer and Data Processing
  • SBT 2200 Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
  • SBT 2205 Environmental Science
  • SBT 2255 Botanical Techniques
  • SBT 2252 Agronomy I
  • SBT 2253 Plant and Crop Physiology
  • SBT 2254 General Genetics
  • SBT 2209 Economic Botany
  • SBT 2303 General Micro-biology
  • HRD 2255 Agricultural Policy and Law
  • HRD 2256 Economics I
  • SZL 2306 Arthropod Biology

Elective units

  • SBT 2201 Cell Biology and Genetics
  • SMA 2250 Mathematics for Biologists
  • ICS 2213 Introduction to Programming

Year 3

Core units

  • SBT 2305 Mycology
  • SZL 2304 Biostatistics
  • SZL 2350 Entomology I
  • SBT 2351 Plant Taxonomy
  • SBT 2332 Research Methodology
  • SBT 2350 Agricultural Botany
  • SBT 2300 Plant Ecology
  • SBT 2353 Farm Management
  • SBT 2354 Agronomy II
  • SBT 2417 Bacteriology
  • SBT 2414 Principles of Plant Pathology
  • AAE 2355 Soil Science

Elective units

  • HRD 2356 Economics II
  • SBT 2410 Environmental Microbiology

Year 4

University unit

  • HRD 2401 Entrepreneurship Skills

Core units

  • SBT 2401 Research Project (2 Units)
  • SBT 2419 Virology
  • SBT 2420 Diagnosis of Plant Disease
  • SBT 2451 Pesticide Science, Application and Safety
  • SBT 2452 Nematology
  • SBT 2453 Weed Science
  • SZL 2450 Entomology II
  • SBT 2454 Seed Pathology
  • SBT 2455 Plant & Crop Breeding
  • SBT 2421 Control of Plant Diseases
  • SBT 2458 Soil and Plant Nutrition Elective units
  • SBT 2457 Crop Growth and Development
  • SBT 2417 Biotechnology
  • SBT 2460 Field Attachment (Compulsory)

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