Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology Program Offered at Kenya Methodist University

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Kenya Methodist University)

About Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology Bachelors Degree program.

Life is the core business; its quality and quantity. The applied biology programme at KeMU University is committed to excellence in knowledge impartation and generation and to promoting the discovery and application of scientific knowledge in a highly dynamic word in relation to LIFE.

Pursuant to the universal nature of science, we have developed linkages with research institutions and technology companies in a bid to offer our students a fertile environment to develop inquisitive innovative and research oriented mind.
Our Organized and supervised field and industrial attachments complement the mentor mentee run research project that ensures our graduates are well grounded and ready for the career challenges in the market.
With an option of either microbiology or bio-management and utility, we have consistently produced highly competitive professionals thanks to our well equipped world class facilities and good Staff/Student ratio.

Career Opportunities:
In addition to getting scholarships for further studies, our students
get absorbed to such research institutions as KEMRI, ICRAF, Primates
research center, KARI, KAVI, NARL, ILRI. ICIPE, KWS, MOA, MOH etc either
as research assistants, field technicians and project assistants or as
intern scientist.

Objectives of Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology

By the end of this program the learner should be able to:

  • To have the competence in current and emerging technologies in microbiology and biotechnology fields.
  • To pursue postgraduate and other professional careers in a related filed.
  • Acquire the necessary skills that enable them to apply their
    expertise in the public and private sectors as well as having the
    innovativeness to start and manage their own ventures.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology

  • Diploma or a Certificate in biological sciences and biomedical sciences; these qualify you for credit transfer.
  • High School or A-level school leavers or a C+ in Biology at KCSE, or
    equivalent qualification and a C pass in chemistry or mathematics OR
  • Grade B in the pre-university General Biology course.

About Kenya Methodist University

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