Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology Program Offered at Meru University of Science and Technology

Bachelors Degree 2 1/2 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Meru University of Science and Technology)

About Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology Bachelors Degree program.

Technology is a crucial part of modern society, and computers lie at the heart of it all. Few fields are growing and changing as fast as computers and information technology. That means there’s a strong need for professionals with the specialized and up-to-date skills to develop, manage, upgrade, and secure computer-based systems and applications. A computer technologist designs and implements software and hardware that allows all these things to be possible.

The Bachelor of Computer Technology degree program at Meru University is an interdisciplinary program that exposes students to more faculty members, more cutting edge technology, and more ideas. While students cross-train they also have the opportunity to work with students from both departments, so they graduate with an extended personal network as well.

This degree program provides a broad-based background in computer technology and includes courses in  general applications programming, computer software, systems, mathematics, and computer networks.

Objectives of Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

Students who graduate with a  Bachelor of Computer Technology degree program from Meru University will be:

  • Competent professionals, able to

    • employ a pallet of multiple hardware platforms and software development environments, integrated with the appropriate theoretical constructs, to develop practical solutions to technological problems

    • deploy those solutions and

    • provide for their maintenance and administration.

  • Able to effectively integrate research methods, appropriate theory, mathematics, and computational technology to analyze and solve problems encountered in the development of technological solutions.

  • Able to assimilate new methodologies and advances in computer technology in an ever-evolving discipline.

  • Effective in the elicitation of requirements for a software specification, and the written and oral communication of results to technical and non-technical colleagues and clients.

  • Able to work independently and in collaboration with colleagues.

  • Able to integrate the ethical standards of the profession and their professional knowledge and skills to contribute to society.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Technology degree program at Meru University require a minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) in K.C.S.E. and an average grade of C (plain) in one of the following combinations of three subjects taken in K.C.S.E. or equivalent examination.

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science

About Meru University of Science and Technology

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