Bachelor of Science in ICT Management Program Offered at Institute of Advanced Technology

Diploma 2 Years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Institute of Advanced Technology)

About Bachelor of Science in ICT Management Diploma program.

The Bachelor of Science in ICT Management (BICTM) is a program jointly developed by the Department of Computer Science & Technology, Maseno University and the IAT. It is approved by the Maseno University senate and offered through a joint collaboration with IAT. BICTM combines the essential aspects of computer science (areas such as software development, communications and networking, security, systems analysis, databases, systems software etc.) with the key facets of business and management as they relate to ICT, with a view to producing technically proficient graduates who understand business and management issues.

Objectives of Bachelor of Science in ICT Management

BICTM graduates shall be able to: - Have adequate knowledge and skills in ICT infrastructure management, software development or ICT consultancy to be immediately productive in the ICT industry.Take up employment in the ICT industry, research Institutions or any other relevant private and public sectors.Undertake postgraduate studies and research in related areas of specialization.

About Institute of Advanced Technology

The Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT) is an ICT & Business training organization, established in August 1991 and mandated to operate as an Educational Training Institute by TIVET Authority under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology to offer technical training leading to Artisans, Certificates, Diplomas and Higher ... read more