Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Offered at University of Nairobi

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: University of Nairobi)

About Bachelor of Science in Nursing Bachelors Degree program.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme at the University of Nairobi is an integrated programme that aims to develop an adequately educated and self-directing professional nurse who is prepared to provide leadership in Nursing Practice, Administration and Education. The Bachelor of Nursing graduate will be expected to carry out Research and Publication. He/She should also be able to function effectively in a variety of setting where the sick are cared and the health of individuals,families and communities is promoted and maintained.

The Bachelor of Nursing graduates should be able to demonstrate clinical competence of nursing practice and be equipped for flexibility in employment.

The Bachelor of Nursing programme at the University of Nairobi prepares graduates who can lead a productive life as professional persons. They should demonstrate an educational basis upon which post-graduate studies for further specialization as clinician, educator, administrator or researcher in nursing may be built. The bachelor of Nursing graduates should be eligible for post-graduate work at any recognized University. They should also be registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya and be capable of functioning universally.

The bachelor of Nursing programme at the University of Nairobi aims to:

To prepare nurse clinicians, educators, administrators and researchers capable of providing leadership in different fields of nursing.

Objectives of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The objective of the bachelor of Nursing programme at the University of Nairobi is ensuring that the bachelor of Nursing graduate is able to:

  1. Recognize the physical, social and psychological factors inherent in illness and their effect on the patient/client, family and the community.

  2. Plan, direct, provide, co-ordinate and evaluate nursing care based on understanding of scientific principles.

  3. Identify patient/client,family and community needs.

  4. Demonstrate clinical competence in specialised areas of nursing.

  5. Evaluate His/Her knowledge and performance in the light of changing health and nursing trends.

  6. Develop and implement relevant educational and community heath programmes.

  7. Demonstrate an educational basis upon which postgraduate studies for further specialization as clinical,educator ,administrator or researcher in nursing may be built.

  8. Conduct research in nursing and publish findings.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Candidates for admission to the Bachelor of nursing degree programme at the University of Nairobi must have satisfied the University's defined criteria of C+ aggregate in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or equivalent level of education.

Eligibility for consideration for admission into the Bachelor of Science Nursing degree programme in the school of Nursing Science shall be governed by the following minimum admission requirement:

  1. Kenya Certificate of secondary Education (KCSE); A minimum of C+ grade pass will be mandatory in each of the cluster subjects shown below;

    • Chemistry or Physical sciences

    • Biology or Biological Sciences

    • Physics/Maths or

    • Maths, English/Kiswahili.

  2. Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE): 2 principal passes in science subjects and a subsidiary pass in: Biology – principal, Chemistry-Principal, Physics/Maths – Subsidiary.

  3. Diploma holder in Medical sciences: Minimum O level division II KCE with credit passes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Physical Sciences and Mathematics, or C+ mean grade in KCSE with an average cluster weight of 32 points (mean B-) in relevant subjects in addition to a credit pass in Nursing or from Kenya Medical Training College or a recognized Medical Training Institution.

  4. Holders of any degree in biological sciences from University of Nairobi or equivalent qualifications from recognized university.

  5. Holders of other qualifications deemed to be equivalent.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Course Subjects


The development of the Bachelor of Nursing curriculum at the University of Nairobi will be kept under constant study so that appropriate changes may be made in line with other developments.

The course structure leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing shall extend for a period of not less than 16 quarters of 11 weeks each or total 176 weeks of study.

Except in special cases approved by the University of Nairobi Senate on the recommendation of the school board, all degree candidates shall enrol in each level for all the subjects of that level.

If a candidate is unable to continue with studies, he/she may be allowed to take time off or to register for fewer units with the level of study provided that his/her stay in the University does not exceed 8 Calender years.

All nursing course shall include intensive experience in both theory and practice.

Candidates shall present themselves for University examinations at the end of each level of at such time as the school may determine with approval by the senate.

Course Outline

Level I

Human Anatomy, Medical Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition and Health, Fundamentals of Nursing, Psychology, Community Health, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Anthropology.

Level II,

Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Medical/Surgical I, Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics, Biostatistics, Family Health Nursing and Immunology.

Level III

Educational Communication and Technology, Medical/Surgical Nursing II, Paediatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Mental Heath and Psychiatric Nursing, Obstetrics/Midwifery and Gynae Nursing, Research Methodology, Educational Psychology.

Level IV

Medical/Surgical Nursing III, Management & Administration of Nursing Services, Curriculum & Instruction in Nursing Research Project, Community Health Nursing.

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