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The broad objectives for Zetech University's B.

 Bachelors Degree  4 years  Fulltime Fee: Kshs 54,000 per semester
Private University Ruiru - Constituency, Kiambu - County

Computers permeate every aspect of our society, from the stock market to socialising via the Internet, from managing company projects to helping you choose a recipe. Information technology is concerned primarily with the application of existing computing technologies to the information needs of organizations and individual computer users.

This Bachelor of Science Information Technology from Zetech University aims to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge to take on appropriate professional positions in Information Technology upon graduation and grow into leadership positions in the field. Recent research has shown that that high demand areas are now software development, business analysis, project management and data/database. These are the key areas of information technology you can study at Zetech University.

Potential careers include network administrator, database developer, system administrator, and webmaster.

Bachelor of Science Information Technology - objectives

The broad objectives for Zetech University's B.Sc. in Information Technology graduates are:

  • apply the full range of core IT concepts and techniques to fill the IT needs of an organization and be prepared to assume leadership roles and other advanced responsibilities,
  • confront new problems effectively and anticipate the changing directions of technology,
  • communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders as well as function appropriately in a team environment,
  • navigate within the complex relationships between IT and larger organizational goals, and
  • understand the pervasive and changing role of computing technology in global society, and participate responsibly as both IT professional and citizen.


Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree at Zetech University are:

  • KCSE Mean Grade C+ (Plus) and above, with a C Plain in Maths and English or its equivalent,
  • Pre-university Certificate or a Diploma in a relevant field

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