Bachelor of Science Mathematics Program Offered at Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology

Bachelors Degree 4Years Fulltime Fee: Kshs Kshs 62,200 Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology)

About Bachelor of Science Mathematics Bachelors Degree program.

Mathematics is recognized as an indispensable tool in
advanced study and application in various scientific and
technological disciplines. Certain specializations such as
statistics and actuarial Sciences experience dire shortages
due to lack of qualified mathematicians. There are
virtually no women in these specializations in Kenya.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree programme at
KWUST aims at encouraging women to take up careers n this
field. Recognizing the importance of information technology
in modern society the programme also includes significant
coverage of basic courses in computer and information
technology. Other specializations include the traditional
branches of mathematics (Pure and Applied).

Objectives of Bachelor of Science Mathematics

At the successful completion of the Bachelor of Science Mathematics course,
a student should be able to:
i) Demonstrate understanding of the theoretical conceptsin mathematics, recognise their historical
background and where applicable, apply them to real life.
ii) Demonstrate logical thinkingand to communicate their thoughts satisfactorily
using mathematical language.
iii) Demonstrate proper synthesis of information and to express the same in mathematical language.
iv) Demonstrate high level of pproficiency in quantitative and computing skills sufficient to meet various demands
of the society upon a modern woman.
v) To operate with excellence in professions that require mathematics for example
in banking, insurance,demography,tecnology,biometrics,bio-statistics,quality control,
engineering and business management.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Science Mathematics

•Mean grade C+ at K.C.S.E. In addition, she must have passed with a C grade in Mathematics and English
•A minimum of two principal passes one of which must be Mathematics at Advanced Level Certificate from a recognised institution.
•Have a diploma relevant subjects with at least a credit pass from an Institution recognised by the university.
•A minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.7 after undertaking Pre-University programme from a recognized institution.
Have any relevant qualification equivalent to the above four.

Student who have met the university entry requirement but have not met the minimal departmental requirement of a grade C in Mathematics and English will be required to undertake a one semester bridging course in the relevant subject.

Bachelor of Science Mathematics Course Subjects

Year 1.
Semester 1

Communication Skills
Foundation Mathmatics
Introduction to Analytical Goemetry
Introduction to Probability and Statisiics
Fundamentals of Computing
Introduction to Programming

Semester 2

Cultuer Sex and Gender Studies
Linear Algebre 1
Calculus 1
Discrete Mathematics
Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Numerical Analysis

Semester 3

Community Service

Year 2.
Semester 1

Development Studies
History of Mathematics
Calculus 2
Vector Analysis
Probability and Statistics 2
Introduction to Computer Organization

Semester 2

Public Image and Relations
Linear Algebra 2
Basic Number Theory
Classical Mechanics
Theory of Estimation
Introduction to Database Systems

Year 3.
Semester 1

Applications of Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis 2
Complex Analysis 1
Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
Data Communications and Networks


Group Theory 1 (pure)
Number Theory (pure)
Fluid Mechanics 1(applied)
Mathematics for Modelling (applied)
Tests of Hypothesis (statistics)
Life Assuarance(acturial)

Semester 2

Computing Professional Ethics
Real Analysis
Partial Differential Equations 1
Operations Research 1
Systems Analysis and Design


Field Theory (pure)
Analytical Applied Mathematics (applied)
Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys (statistics)
Acturial Science 1(acturial)
Complex Analysis 2 ( pure/applied)

Semester 3

Internship(6 credit hours)

Year 4.
Semester 1
Research Methodology
Project=2 units (6 credit hours)
Operations Research 2
Time Series Analysis
Computer Graphics


Group Theory 2(pure)
Graph Theory (pure)
Differential Geometry (applied)
Numerical Analysis 2 (applied)
Non Parametric Methods
Design and Analysis of Experiments (statistics)
Multivariate Methods 1(statistics)
Acturial Science 2 (acturial)

Semester 2
Introduction to Financial Management
Strategic Management

Measure and Intergration(pure)
Introduction to Stochastic Process(statistics)
Measure Theory and Probability(statistics)
Fluid Mechanics 2(applied)
Multivariate Methods (statistics)
Coding theory (pure)
Quality Control and Acceptance Sampling (statistics)
Analytical and Mathematical Demography (acturial)
Acturial Science 3 (acturial)
General Insuarance (acturial)
Functional Analysis (pure)
Analytical Applied Mathematics 2 (applied)
Operations Research 3 (statistics)
Data Structures and Algorithms (computer)
Security and Cryptography (computer)

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