Bachelor of Technology in Textile Engineering Program Offered at Moi University

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Bachelors Degree 5Years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Moi University)

About Bachelor of Technology in Textile Engineering Bachelors Degree program.

The Department of Textile Engineering was established
in September 1991. It is the only one of its kind in Kenya
offering training in textile engineering at degree level.

The manufacture of textiles is one of the world's leading
industries in terms of direct and indirect employment. In
Kenya it ranks first. Unlike many manufactured products,
textiles have a history as old as man. In the past few
years, rapid changes of textile technology have taken
place and it has become a capital-intensive, scientifically
advanced industry dependent for its success on the services
of scientific, technical, industrial, commercial and design
personnel. It provides a wide choice for both arts-based
and science-based students to follow a worthwhile career
in design, production and management, marketing, quality
control and research. The end product of a textile industry
is often a textile fabric. Such a product is not only an
article of fashion but also an engineering structure with
certain defined properties. These products cover almost
every aspect of our daily lives such as: clothing (nearly
everything one wears), homes (furnishings, bedding,
cleaning materials etc.), medical care (bandages, dressings,
artificial valves and arteries), industry (conveyor belts,
cable insulation, inflatable components, car components,
road and dam stabilization materials etc.), aerospace
(space suits, nose cones, parachutes etc.), environmental
control (smoke and oil filters, fire insulation etc.).

Textile Engineering deals with engineering problems which
occur in the process of manufacturing fibres, yarns and
fabrics. It also includes the steps necessary to make
fabrics useful, such as the manufacture and applications
of dyestuffs, chemical auxiliaries and finishing processes.

Objectives of Bachelor of Technology in Textile Engineering

i) To prepare graduate textile engineers who can accomplish the design and manufacture of textile products.
ii.) To equip its graduates with enough knowledge to assist other professionals in designing infrastructural facilities that use textile products.
iii.)To achieve a practical orientation of graduate textile engineers.
iv.) To encourage participation of staff and students in applied and theoretical research as well as in offering consultancy services.
v.) To participate in textile-related activities in and outside the campus in close consultation with other national and international textile associations.

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Technology in Textile Engineering

(i) All candidates admitted to the degree
programme of Bachelor of Technology in
Textile Engineering must
satisfy the minimum entrance requirements
stipulated in the common university entrance

(ii) In addition, candidates must obtain at
least the minimum cut-off points for the year
as determined from any one of the following four
subject clusters from the revised KCSE structure
in which candidates take examination in 8 subjects.

Mathematics Physics Chemistry Either Biology or
Geography or any Group V (i.e. technical group of

Mathematics Physics Chemistry Either Biology or
Geography or any Group V (i.e. technical group of
subjects) The above clusters may change from year
to year. Mathematics Physical Sciences Biological
Sciences Either Geography or any Group V
(i.e. technical group of subjects)

The above clusters may change from year to year.

iii) Those holding qualifications equivalent to
the above from institutions recognized by Moi
University Senate may also be aThe Department of Chemical
and Process Engineering offers a programme leading to the
award of the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Chemical
and Process Engineering.

The Department of Textile Engineering offers
a programme leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor
of Technology in Textile Engineering.

Bachelor of Technology in Textile Engineering Course Subjects

Year 1
Semester I

Pure Mathematics I
Applied Mathematics
Basic Physics I
Basic Chemistry I
Engineering Drawing I
Communication Skills I
Development Concepts and Applications

Semester II

Pure Mathematics II
Basic Statistics
Basic Physics II
Basic Chemistry II
Engineering Drawing II
Quantitative Skills
Communications Skills II
Total Units of Year 1 44

Year 2
Semester I

Engineering Mathematics I
Introduction to Textile Technology
Solid Mechanics I
Mechanics of Machines I
Engineering Drawing III
Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software
Electrical Technology I
State, Society and Development

Semester II

Engineering Mathematics II
Yarn Manufacture I
Textile Chemistry I
Textile Mechanics
Materials Science I
Thermodynamics I
Electrical Technology II
Total number of units year 2 45

TXL 290 Workshop Practice (12 weeks)

Year 3
Semester I

Engineering Mathematics III
Research Methodology
Yarn Manufacture II
Textile Physics I
Textile Chemistry II
Thermodynamics II
Basic Electronics
Computer Programming

Semester II

Engineering Mathematics IV
Man Made Fibres I
Yarn Manufacture III
Cloth Manufacture I
Textile Physics II
Control Systems I
Introduction to Engineering Economics
Total number of units year 3 46

TXL 390 Industrial Attachment I (12 weeks)

Year 4
Semester I

Man Made Fibres II
Spinning Calculations
Cloth Manufacture II
Fabric Design I
Technology of Dyeing
Textile Finishing I
Textile Testing I

Semester II

Cloth Manufacture III
Fabric Design II
Knitting Mechanisms
Dyeing and Printing
Textile Finishing II
Textile Chemical Processing Machinery
Textile Testing II
Textile Industry Planning and Organisation
Total number of units year 4 47

TXL 490 Industrial Attachment II (12 weeks)

Year 5
Semester I

Weaving Calculations
Textile Machinery Maintenance
Operations Research
Industrial Law and Ethics
TXL 580 Textile Project

Elective I
Elective II

Semester II

Quality Control of Textile Processes
Textile Economics
Factory Management
Industrial Pollution Control
Textile Project

Elective III
Elective IV

Total number of units year 5 43
Grand total number of units for 5 years 236

Electives are selected from the following list,
subject to the advice and prior approval of the
department. Students will be advised on the
electives offered in any particular semester.
The electives offered to a student will generally
depend on the availability of expertise, the
student's desired career specialisation and the
needs of the profession.

Clothing Technology
Computer Applications in Textile Engineering
Yarn Production and Planning
Advanced Spinning Studies
Industrial Yarns
Fabric Production and Planning
Advanced Weaving Studies
Industrial Fabrics
Advanced Finishing Studies
Production Planning in Textile Finishing
Computer Aided Design & Aided Manufacturing

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