Basic French A1 (Beginner) Program Offered at Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise

Nairobi County

Certificate 8 weeks Part-Time Fee: Kshs 7,900 Intake: Ongoing

Certificate (Accredited by: Alliance Francaise)

About Basic French A1 (Beginner) Certificate program.

This Basic French A1 program introduces you to the basic concepts of the French language both spoken and written. You will learn French and gain the confidence to communicate in french from day one.

The aim of this course is to not only teach French but also to introduce French culture. So if you are want to live in France as a student, immigrant, expatriate, etc, this course is for you.


Objectives of Basic French A1 (Beginner)

This beginner French program will assist you to start readingwritingspeaking and understanding in French. Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Communicate in day to day activity with native french people
  • Ask questions and give answers
  • Ask for direction and landmarks
  • Introduce yourself and explain a situation, a problem and make a request in full sentences
  • Read basic information in french and able to write a basic letter and fill a form in french
  • Pronounce and spell french words correctly
  • Describe people, things and situation
  • Use the correct conjugation pattern and negative phrases
  • Be able to clear A1 level in DELF or equivalent french exam
  • Gain basic french vocabulary.


Basic French A1 (Beginner) Course Subjects

  • French alphabet, Number and Greetings 
  • Day, Month weather and Seasons in french
  • How to introduce yourself in french
  • Learn about pronunciation and spelling
  • Conjugation of First, Second and third group verbs
  • The vocabulary of almost all common subject
  • Gender of noun and adjectives
  • Articles in French
  • Various proposition used in french
  • How to conjugate irregular group verbs 
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Verb pronominal 
  • Present tense, Near future tense, Past tense and much more...
  • Interrogative statement in French
  • Negative Statement in French
  • Comparision in French
  • Direct and indirect objects

About Alliance Francaise

The Alliance Francaise de Nairobi offers French language courses to thousands of students annually.  

Alliance Francaise offers a steady progression allowing our students to meet both their personal and professional objectives.  

The Alliance Française is the only accredited institution in Kenya for international and professional French language certification. It is also the only officially ... read more