BSc Industrial Chemistry with Management Program Offered at Kenyatta University


Kenyatta University (KU)

Kiambu County

Bachelors Degree 4 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Bachelors Degree (Accredited by: Kenyatta University)

About BSc Industrial Chemistry with Management Bachelors Degree program.

Industrial Chemistry is the branch of chemistry, which applies physical and chemical processes towards the transformation of natural materials and their derivatives to products that are of benefit to humanity. Science and technology drives industrialization and hence economic growth.

Entry requirements for BSc Industrial Chemistry with Management

A student wishing to study Bachelor of Science(Industrial Chemistry and Management) must satisfy the minimum university requirements and the School of Pure and Applied Sciences Regulations.

  • The student must have passed with a mean grade of C+ (plus) in KCSE or its equivalent with at least B- in Chemistry, C+ in English, C+ in Mathematics and C+ in  either  Physics/Physical Sciences or Biology/Biological Sciences.


  • A mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE or its equivalent with at least a C+ in Mathematics and English and a Diploma in industrial chemistry of at least a Credit pass from a recognized institution.


  • Two principal passes at A Level or equivalent in Chemistry and Mathematics and a subsidiary pass in Physics or Biology

BSc Industrial Chemistry with Management Course Subjects

Certification:      Degree – Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry with Management)


Unit Code and Title


Level 100

SCH 100: Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry SCH 101: Introduction to Physical Chemistry SCH 102: Organic Chemistry I

SCH 103: Introduction to Classical Analysis and Separation Techniques

SCH 107: Introduction to Industrial Chemistry

SMA 102: Basic Mathematics

SMA 104: Calculus I

SMA 160: Probability and Statistics I BBA 100: Business Studies

BBA 101: Business Law I

BBA 102: Principles of Management

BAC 100: Fundamentals of Accounting I SCT 100: Fundamentals of Computing UCU Unit


Level 200

SCH 200: Atomic Structure

SCH 201: Chemical Thermodynamics

SCH 202: Organic Chemistry II

SCH 205: Plant Economics and Industrial Management

SCH 206: Unit Operations I

SCH 207: Introduction to Computational Chemistry

SMA 200: Calculus II

SMA 260: Probability and Statistics II BBA 200: Organizational Behaviour BBA 201: Principles of Marketing BAC 202: Cost Accounting I

BAC 203: Business Finance I

SCT 101: Programming Techniques

UCU Unit


Level 300

SCH 300: Comparative Study of S & P Block Elements SCH 304: Introduction to Analytical Instrumentation SCH 305: Chemical Kinetics

SCH 317: Material and Energy Balances

SCH 319: Food Based Industries

SCH 320: Industrial/Institutional Attachment

SCH 321: Research Methods

SCH 322: Transition Metal Chemistry

SCH 323: Unit Operations II

SCH 325: Petrochemical Industries

BBA 300: Organizational Theory

BBA 301: Human Resource Management I BBA 303: Marketing Strategies and Plans BAC 300: Management of Accounting I

Level 400

SCH 415: Computer Applications in Chemistry

SCH 416: Project

SCH 420: Pharmaceuticals, Industrial and Agricultural Chemicals

SCH 421: Reactor Design* SCH 422: Polymer Chemistry SCH 423: Food Chemistry SCH 424: Industrial Catalysis* SCH 425: Unit Operations III*

SCH 426: Chemical Process and Equipment Design* SCH 429: Applied electrochemistry*

SCH 430: Industrial Instrumental Techniques*

SCH 431: Industrial and Non-Industrial Processes and the Environment* BBA 400: Business Policy and Decisions

BBA 401: Company Law

BBA 402: Management of International Business and Organization

BMS 401: Production and Operations Management

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