Diploma in Military Science Program Offered at Egerton University

Diploma 3 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Egerton University)

About Diploma in Military Science Diploma program.

The Kenya Armed Forces has continuously developed and expanded its services to the various sectors of the Kenyan economy since independence.  In order to improve the performance and service to the public, education and training are essential components of the development of the serving officers.

The need for training officers at different levels and especially at diploma level has been identified in order to improve their performance and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the military services.

The diploma programme will include both the professional aspect of the military service and related academic disciplines.

Objectives of Diploma in Military Science

The main objectives of the Military Science diploma programme at Egerton University are:

  1. To develop military officers who will perform professional duties and other related tasks effectively and efficiently.
  2. To plan, design and implement innovative military programmes and services using available resources.
  3. To develop officers who will evaluate and analyse different situations and make rational decisions.
  4. To mobilize resources for maximum benefit of the Kenya society
  5. To carry out operational research for the improvement of the military
  6. To develop officers who will adjust to different working environments

Entry requirements for Diploma in Military Science

The minimum entry requirements for the Diploma of Egerton University are as follows:-

  1. An Aggregate Score in KCSE of grade C or KCE/EACE Division II or equivalent
  2. Individual minimum score of grade C (KCSE) in each of the following subjects:
    • English/Kiswahili,
    • Mathematics,
    • Physics,
    • Chemistry or Physical Sciences,
    • Biology or Biological Sciences,
    • Geography.
  3. In addition, entry requirements for the Military Officers holding qualifications equivalent to the above from Institutions recognized by Egerton University Senate may also be considered for admission.
  4. Military Officers who have obtained a Certificate in Military Science from Egerton University or its equivalent may be considered for admission.

Diploma in Military Science Course Subjects

The Diploma in Military Science at Egerton University will take the equivalent of two academic years of two semesters each to complete.

Examination Regulations
The studies and examination procedures for diploma in Military Science shall be governed by the general Egerton University examination regulations.
No candidate shall be admitted to examination unless he/she has registered for the same during the prescribed period.  Besides, they must have fulfilled all the requirements.
The Egerton University Senate shall identify centres for administering examinations
A candidate shall be required to take and pass all courses offered.

About Egerton University

Egerton University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Kenya. It was founded as a Farm School in 1939 by Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton, a British national who settled in Kenya in the 1920s.

Egerton University has three (3) Campuses and one Campus College.

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