Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Program Offered at Al - Munawwarah College

Al - Munawwarah College

Mombasa County

Diploma 1 year Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Al - Munawwarah College)

About Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Diploma program.

This Diploma in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language program aims to develop both foundations of Islamic knowledge & linguistic and cognitive skills to become independent Arabic speakers for professional and personal enrichment.

The course will enable students to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of Islamic Concepts.
  • Develop linguistic and analytical skills in order to understand the patterns, structures, and conventions of modern standard spoken Arabic in a range of contexts and a variety of styles and including authentic texts.
  • Compose descriptive, discursive, and narrative texts on a range of topics using varied grammatical structures and Arabic expressions.

About Al - Munawwarah College

Al-Munawwarah College is a middle-level college that strives for excellence in Islamic character and education and this has made our College a unique institution for Muslims in Kenya.

Al-Munawwarah College is partnering with the International University of Africa to offer higher education in Islamic Studies, Shari’ah, and Arabic language as well ... read more