Machinist (Turning and Milling) - Artisan Program Offered at Don Bosco Boys Technical Training Centre

Certificate 5 terms Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Certificate (Accredited by: NITA)

About Machinist (Turning and Milling) - Artisan Certificate program.

A machinist specialised in turning and milling technology manufactures production parts in various lot sizes using various machine tools. A machinist can also disassemble, reassemble and repair the machine tool as well as build new parts such as gears, splines, and shafts using various machine tools such as mills, lathes, grinders, and planers.

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Entry requirements for Machinist (Turning and Milling) - Artisan

KCPE Certificate

About Don Bosco Boys Technical Training Centre

Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Training Center provides technical, moral and total human value formation education to young men and girls to enable them to become contributive honourable citizens of the country.

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About NITA

The National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) is a state corporation established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. The Authority has five industrial training centres spread across the country.

NITA perpetuates industrial training in Kenya that dates back to 1925 when the native industrial training ... read more

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Machinist (Turning and Milling) - Artisan
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Nairobi County
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