MASTER OF ARTS IN DIPLOMACY Program Offered at University of Nairobi

Masters 4 YEARS Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Masters (Accredited by: University of Nairobi)


This programme will:

i) Equip students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of key issues in International Studies

ii) Prepare students to be critical thinkers and have an understanding and appreciation of International Studies

iii) Explore issues and trends in the development of international studies

iv) Ground students in the multidisciplinary perspective in international studies related social science disciplines

v) Enable students acquire skills necessary to critically evaluate and make positive contributions to international issues

vi) Prepare students with the necessary academic competence to pursue higher studies in International studies -related disciplines.

Entry requirements for MASTER OF ARTS IN DIPLOMACY

Entry requirements for admission to the University of Nairobi for the above programme are:

1.       Be holders of a first degree with at least an Upper Second Class Honors of the University of Nairobi, or

2.      Be holders of an equivalent qualification from another institution recognized by Senate as being of a comparable academic status.


Course Outline

Semester 1 Hrs


Environmental Diplomacy

Diplomacy and the Media

Research Methods for Social Sciences

Semester 2

Theory and Practice of Intern’l Mediation

Theory and Practice of Intern’l Negotiations

Diplomatic Methods and Practice

Introduction to French

Introduction to Spanish

Foreign Language

Semester 3

4 Electives for this course to be chosen from:


Foreign Policy Analysis

African International Organisations

United Nations

International Organisations

Diplomatic Law and Practice

International Trade Negotiations

Theory of International Relations

International Political Economy

Theory of International Law

Diplomatic History of Africa

Diplomatic History of Kenya

Epistemology of Research in International Relations

Gender in International Relations

Research Project Thesis

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