MASTER OF ARTS IN PHILOSOPHY Program Offered at University of Nairobi

Masters 4 YEARS Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Masters (Accredited by: University of Nairobi)


The master programme in the Department of Literature aims at exposing students to new ideas and ways of thinking through original and independent research. In this way, the programme seeks to turn out literary scholars imbued with new ideas capable of teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students and conducting research on a range of high culture.

Entry requirements for MASTER OF ARTS IN PHILOSOPHY

Entry Requirements for admission to the University of Nairobi for the above programme

1.      The minimum qualifications a candidate needs are a Master’s degree in Literature or a relevant field of the University of Nairobi

2.      Equivalent qualifications from institutions the University of Nairobi Senate recognizes.


First Year

Semester I

Ethical Issues in Religion and Society

Comparative Religion I

Semester II

Sociology of Religion

Comparative Religion II

Second Year

Semester I

Introduction to the Old Testament

Psychology of Religion

African Religion I

Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Vedic Scriptures

Semester II

Introduction to the New Testament

Religion, Culture and Communication

African Religion II

Philosophy of Religion

The Oriental Heritage in East Africa

Introduction to Quran and Hadith

Third Year

Semester I

Church History I

Theology of the Old Testament

Religion and Science

Islamic Civilization and Culture

Religion, Education and Development

Belief Systems in Kenya

Semester II

Church History II

Theology of the New Testament

Research Methods in Religious Studies

Islamic Response to Contemporary Issues

Comparative Religious Ethics

The Christian Response to Contemporary


Fourth Year

Semester I

New Religious Movements

History of Christianity in East Africa

Development of Christian Doctrine

Contemporary Religious Thought

Islam in Kenya

Religion and Contemporary Social and Economic


Semester II

Research Paper in Religious Studies

Christian Theology in Africa

History of Islam in Africa

Religion in the African Diaspora

The Modern Ecumenical Movement

Religion and Health

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