Master of Arts in Social Ministry Program Offered at Tangaza University College

Masters Part-Time Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Masters (Accredited by: Tangaza University College)

About Master of Arts in Social Ministry Masters program.

This  programme an  interdisciplinary  postgraduate  programme deeply  rooted  inintegral human development frameworks, research, and analytical skills for a better understanding of the fundamental, social-economic and political issues in society, all of which impact human growth and social development.
The need and urgency of the programme is seen on the basis of:
  • The fact that specialization  is  ever  more in  demand  in  today’s  society  and apostolate,  social commitment   motivated by faith, within the Church and the society at large.
  • The social transformation  of  the reality  inspired  by  values such  as social justice,  human  dignity,  the common  good  and  integrity  of  creation,  requires that ministry  integrates with  policy,  structural change and  advanced professional skills with spirituality.
  • The development of Social Ministry as an institute of higher learning requires both research in the African socio-cultural context and the training of possible future lecturers  within  the  Institute of  Social Ministry.  This  can  be accomplished through a post-graduate programme.
Since Social Ministry is focused on the facilitation of social transformation; the two most needed areas of specialization are Management and Governance. An ongoingneeds assessment, maintains the marketability of these two specializations. The Main Social Ministry will endeavour to realize the following general goals:
  • To build up knowledge in the students that integrates faith, social sciences and action for social transformation;
  • To  equip  students  with  conceptual,  analytical  and  human  related  skills  in specialized  areas  of  management for  social transformation  and  high-quality governance for the common good;
  • To  upgrade the knowledge and  skills  of  current field  practitioners  to  enable them address the negative social trends in contemporary Africa.

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