Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program Offered at Kenya Methodist University

Masters 2 years Part-Time Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Masters (Accredited by: Kenya Methodist University)

About Master of Business Administration (MBA) Masters program.

The postgraduate programme in Business Administration at Kenya Methodist University is designed to provide advanced skills in business management discipline by incorporating practical experience in the application of those skills in the context of the overall dynamics of corporate operating environment.

Corporate management, change agent skills, as well as capacity to work as a member of a multidisciplinary team are imparted through market driven curricula and training techniques.

Ability to collect, analyze and critically evaluate data as well as other information to arrive at reasoned conclusions, are internalized by learners through thesis designed to mold students to be innovative employees and/or entrepreneurs.

The Kenya Methodist University MBA programme prepares students for positions in corporate management, consultancy, and or entry into a doctoral programme in a related field.

Specific skills development emphasized in the programme include leadership, teamwork, and decision- making.

The Programme offers students the opportunity to develop their own capabilities, skills and competencies within a supportive environment. Hence, the philosophy of the programme can be summarized as:

  1. Developing a critical approach to the use of contemporary sources, as a means of exploring complex concepts, ideas and issues of relevance and value to the chosen area of study.
  2. Developing the power of critical enquiry, logical thought, creative imagination and independent judgement.
  3. Providing a forum of study that allows students to build on their past academic and vocational experience.
  4. Exposing the student to a range of prospects applicable to the student’s interests as well as work situations.

Objectives of Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Goal of the Programme

The goal of the programme is to prepare managers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will make them fit in general management positions in business (for profit) and not for profit organizations.

Graduates of the programme should fit in different levels of management both middle and senior levels in upcoming established national and transnational organizations in lie with the Vision 2030.

The programme aims at producing graduates, who are well rounded and capable of running organization in the modern developed economy, provide consultancy and act as link between theory and practice in core functional areas of management.


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