Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Program Offered at Maseno University

Maseno University

Kisumu County

Masters 2 years Fulltime Fee: Kshs 236,700 per semester Intake: Ongoing

Masters (Accredited by: Maseno University)

About Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Masters program.

The Master of Science (MSc) programme in Applied Mathematics at Maseno University is intended to produce graduates whose areas of specialization are broad enough to carry out research, participate in national and executive arms of public and private enterprises and in industries. The programme leads to an areas of specialization in Applied Mathematics.

Objectives of Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

The MSc programme in Applied Mathematics at Maseno University is designed to produce graduates:

  1.   With wide background knowledge and basic techniques in pure and applied mathematics
  2.   Who are able to carry out research and undertake Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) degree studies in their respective areas of specialisation
  3.   With the ability to take up employment in public and private sectors.

Graduates of MSc in mathematics, will be able to demonstrate that they can:

  1.  Construct mathematical proofs and recognize accurate numerical data. in all core courses,  
  2.  Make conjectures and form hypotheses, test the accuracy of their work, and effectively solve problems.
  3.  Demonstrate understanding of fundamental concepts of mathematics as applied to science and other areas of mathematics, and to interconnect the roles of pure and applied mathematics.
  4.  Write mathematics well, consistent with the established tradition of the discipline.
  5.  Wommunicate mathematical ideas effectively. by completing a research project or thesis involving an investigative mathematical project, together with oral and written examinations.

Entry requirements for Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

To be eligible for registration for MSc in Applied Mathematics at Maseno University, candidates must have taken Mathematics as a major subject in their first degree and obtained at least an upper second class honours or its equivalent.

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Course Subjects

The period for which the candidate must be enrolled at Maseno University is at least two years and at most five years. Any other duration shall require senate approval.

The MSc programme Applied Mathematics at Maseno University shall be offered by: course work, supervised research project  or thesis and examination. The courses are offered in units.  A course unit is defined as a 3 hour lecture, a 6 hour tutorial or a 9 hour practical session per week per semester.

One may opt to take a project or thesis  via one of the following paths:  

Path A, MSc by thesis

Semester 1:   4 core units and  2 elective units.

Semester 2:  1 core unit, 1 core unit of thesis work and a minimum of 4 elective units

Semester 3:  3 units of thesis work.

Semester 4:  3 units of thesis work.


Path B, MSc by research project

Semester1: 4 core units and a minimum of 2 elective units.

Semester2: 3 core units and  a minimum of 2 elective units

Semester3: 1 core unit of research project and a minimum of 3 elective units

Semester4:  3 core units of research project.

About Maseno University

Maseno University founded in 1991, is the only university on the globe that lies along the Equator (00). It is one of the seven public universities in Kenya. The University is located in Maseno Township along Kisumu-Busia road, 25 km from Kisumu City and approximately 400 km west of Nairobi ... read more