MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MYCOLOGY Program Offered at University of Nairobi

Masters 2 YEARS Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Masters (Accredited by: University of Nairobi)

Entry requirements for MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MYCOLOGY

Entry Requirements for the above programme at the University of Nairobi

1.      Holders of a degree of the University of Nairobi of at least Upper Second Class Honours in Biological Sciences or an equivalent qualification from a university recognized by University of Nairobi Senate.

2.      Holders of a Lower Second Class Honours degree in Biological Sciences or equivalent plus at least two years relevant work/research experience evidenced by publications may be considered for admission.

3.      A pass degree in Biological Sciences or equivalent, plus a relevant postgraduate diploma may be considered.


Taxonomy of Fungi

Environmental Mycology

Fungal Morphogenesis and Physiology 45

Medical and Veterinary Mycology 45

Agricultural and Forestry Mycology 45

Mushroom Biology and Cultivation

Botanical Nomenclature


Elective Course

Fungal Genetics

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