Motor Vehicle Mechanics Program Offered at Jodan College of Technology

Diploma 2 1/2 years Fulltime Fee: Kshs 216,000 Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Jodan College of Technology)

About Motor Vehicle Mechanics Diploma program.

The two-year vehicle mechanic diploma program at Jodan College of Technology prepares students for careers as vehicle mechanics or automotive technicians. Through field exercises and classroom learning, students develop the skills to assess issues related to vehicle maintenance and repairs.

In addition to the lectures and classroom courses, many lab courses allow students to gain hands-on experience by learning and working in garages as part of their internship or cooperative education opportunities. In fact, they may complete internships in specialized areas of vehicle mechanics. In addition to problem-solving skills, students also develop the analytical, technical and communication skills needed in this profession.

Entry requirements for Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Entry Requirments:

  • KCSE C- and above or
  • Relevant Certificate

Motor Vehicle Mechanics Course Subjects

  • Vehicle electronics
  • Fuel and ignition management
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Automotive computer systems
  • Engine, suspension and steering performance
  • Air conditioning
  • Overhaul of Petrol and Diesel Engines
  • Overhaul of Gearboxes and Differentials
  • Heavy Vehicle Technology
  • Advanced Servicing and Adjustments
  • Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Soldering and Riveting
  • EFI Technology
  • Entrepreneurship

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