Organic Pest Maintenance Program Offered at Kenya Institute of Organic Farming

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Certificate (Accredited by: Kenya Institute of Organic Farming)

About Organic Pest Maintenance Certificate program.

A key aim of Organic Pest Maintenance is to reduce reliance on insecticides as the sole and primary means of pest control.

Organic Pest Maintenance can improve farmer profitability while reducing environmental damage and limiting the risk of on-farm pesticide exposure.

This organic pest maintenance course teaches you how to make a proper identification of the pests and most importantly know the pest’s biology so that a proper management strategy can be planned.

Most people believe that organic products are produced without chemicals, synthetic additives, preservatives and pesticides, but this is misleading and incorrect. Organic products are ones that are created by using ecologically sustainable practices, without the reliance on synthetic chemicals. Organic foods and products are very popular these days and their popularity will only increase in the future. Because of this, organic pest management professionals have a fantastic opportunity to partner with facilities that process and handle Organic products to implement responsible Organic Pest Maintenance programs.

Entry requirements for Organic Pest Maintenance

KCSE D+ and above

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