Performing Arts Dance and Acting Program Offered at Talanta Institute

Talanta Institute

Nairobi County

Certificate Part-Time Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Certificate (Accredited by: Talanta Institute)

About Performing Arts Dance and Acting Certificate program.

After sensational performances, audiences have gloried in the spectacle by applauding, giving standing ovations, and in some cases going to the heights of asking for an encore.

But what audiences may fail to understand, is that behind the timed performance that elates them lies serious training, sweat and walks with qualified mentors.

To experience the best training you can ever get behind the curtain before stepping out from behind and causing a huge ripple of greatness all over the world, train with Talanta Institute and let your champion in performing arts, dance, and acting be unveiled. When talent meets the industry practitioners who train at Talanta Institute, a professional that the world can never ignore is unveiled.

We focus on acting, dance music, modeling, as well as marketing and the business aspects of the arts industry.

About Talanta Institute

Talanta Institute is a registered Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) established out of the need to rectify the skills mismatch that exists in the market between job-seeking graduates and employers. It was registered in December 2016 and had its first enrolment in January 2017 with a keen focus ... read more